I need ot adjust the column seperator line somehow to touch the frame lines which gives a look like table environment.

I was somehow not interested in using tabular environment for this purpose since, the enumeration does not go well with that.(For example, the item numbers are coming in the middle of the table(vertically), not from the top left corner of the table.

How to achieve this?

So far, I have tried using framed environment to get the borders and adjusted the rule command to split the frame environment vertically. Now horizontally also I need to split which I am not able to achieve.


\oddsidemargin 0in \evensidemargin 0in \topmargin 0in \textheight 9.2in  \textwidth 6.5in
\usepackage{enumitem, lipsum,xcolor}
\setlength{\framedline}{\textwidth plus 18pt}


YEAR: 2015-2017(2 years)
\item \begin{multicols}{2}
\item \begin{multicols}{2}


My report should like:

enter image description here

Current Output:

enter image description here

  • You might have to overlay another line on top. Actually, you could implement the whole thing using tikzpagenodes and tikzmark. Jun 17, 2017 at 13:54

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One approach using tcolorbox:



boxsep=1em, after skip=0pt,before skip=-1pt,
arc=0mm,boxrule=1pt, segmentation style={solid,}}

enhanced,nobeforeafter, colback=white, boxsep=1em, 
after skip=0pt,before skip=-1pt,arc=0mm,boxrule=1pt,
left skip=0pt,right skip=0pt, segmentation style={solid,}}


colback=white, boxsep=1em, after skip=0pt,before skip=-1pt,
arc=0mm,boxrule=1pt,left skip=0pt,right skip=0pt,
segmentation style={solid}]
Date of  start of project: \today 
Total cost of project: \par INR 0,000,000.00
\item \lipsum[1]
\item \lipsum[2]
\item \lipsum[3]
\tcbline \item \lipsum[4]
\tcbline \item \lipsum[5]
\tcbline \item \lipsum[6-7]
\tcbline \item \lipsum[8]   
\section{Some more} \lipsum[9]  
\begin{tcbraster}[raster columns=3,raster equal height,raster equal skip=-2pt]
\begin{rowcell} This    \end{rowcell}%
\begin{rowcell}  is \end{rowcell}%
\begin{rowcell}The end \end{rowcell}%

  • Its awesome... Only one place i had an issue with the boxes, that is, in the last 3 column box, if i want to enumerate those cells(ofcourse inside), the boxes are moving right ward.@Fran
    – David
    Jun 19, 2017 at 5:04

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