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How to remove a dot and a page number in the environment glossaries? See the picture below - the yellow mark.

Thanks for help.

enter image description here

\usepackage[a5paper, top=15mm, left=10mm, right=10mm, bottom=10mm,foot=5mm,marginparsep=0mm]{geometry}

\newcommand{\ballnumber}[1]{\tikz \node[circle,fill=.,inner sep=1pt,anchor=south] {\color{-.}\bfseries #1};} 

\newglossaryentry{to catch}
  name={ to catch },
  description={ [\textipa{k\ae tS}] $\bullet$ \textbf{caught} [\textipa{kO:t}] $\bullet$ \textbf{caught} [\textipa{kO:t}] $\blacktriangleleft$ {\tiny \ballnumber{1}} chytať, dochytať \textit{čo (rukami)}  }


\gls{to catch} 


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