Is there a handy way to include an etoc-like \localtableofcontents for theorems?

I have multiple environments defined with thmtools in a scrartcl document and would like to have a list of theorems of the current section at the beginning of each section. The question is similar to Currentsection TOC in scrartcl? and \tableofcontent[currentsection] in article or scrartcl? but for theorems. A call like \locallistoftheorems would be nice.

Update: The question is also somehow similar to A list of theorems grouped into sections in the sense, that I could use that technique together with etocs \localtableofcontents since my document has no subsections. But I would appreciate a less "hacky" approach which would be applicable in a broader field.

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  • please add some code that we can start with else from scratch it is too much guess-work about what you want exactly. – user4686 Sep 23 '17 at 12:26

You can use etoc's \localtableofcontents for that. See 24. Arbitrary “Lists Of...”, in the etoc manual.

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