According to the documentation for the fontspec package, this code:

\fontspec{EB Garamond 12 Italic} very \\
\fontspec{EB Garamond 12 Italic}[CharacterVariant=5] very \\
\fontspec{EB Garamond 12 Italic}[CharacterVariant=5:0] very \\
\fontspec{EB Garamond 12 Italic}[CharacterVariant=5:1] very \\
\fontspec{EB Garamond 12 Italic}[CharacterVariant=5:2] very \\
\fontspec{EB Garamond 12 Italic}[CharacterVariant=5:3] very

Should produce this output:

enter image description here

And, indeed, this works very nicely for me using XeLaTeX on Linux.

But when I run xelatex on the file, I get a lot of complaints like this:

* fontspec warning: "icu-feature-not-exist-in-font"
* OpenType feature 'CharacterVariant=5' (+cv05) not available for font 'EB
* Garamond 12 Italic/I' with script 'Latin' and language 'Default'.

(And similarly for the other CharacterVariants.)

What does this error mean? As I said, the output appears to be OK.


The command \fontspec tries to setup also the italic (and the bold) versions of the fonts. With xelatex the regular version of the font is found as "italic" and as the regular version doesn't have the character variants you get warnings (not errors):



{\fontspec{EB Garamond 12 Italic} very \textit{very}}

{\fontspec{EB Garamond 12 Italic}[CharacterVariant=5:2] very \textit{very}}

{\fontspec{EB Garamond 12 Regular} very \textit{very}}

{\fontspec{EB Garamond 12 Regular}[CharacterVariant=5:2] very \textit{very}}


Output with xelatex

enter image description here

You can suppress the warnings by loading the font e.g. as

\fontspec{EB Garamond 12 Italic}[
     ItalicFont={EB Garamond 12 Italic},
     BoldItalicFont={EB Garamond 12 Italic}]

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