I'm using Ubuntu 16 as OS and Kile to compile my tex files, recently I used minitoc package but I got always the same error !

! LaTeX Error: File `minitoc.sty' not found.

Thanks for your help to resolve this problem.


install texlive-latex-extra package

sudo apt install texlive-latex-extra

this collection of packages that will be downloaded contains the desired file

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You can look up the apt package that contains a given file with

apt-file find "minitoc.sty"

If you’re willing to use up several gigabytes of disk space, you can run

sudo apt install texlive-full

This will install all TeX Live packages, and practically any document you might download will compile.

In rare cases, a file you need might not be available in any Debian or Ubuntu package. Then, you will need to copy it to your project folder, or a subdirectory of your TEXMFLOCAL directory if you want to install it. You can find this with

kpsewhich -var-value TEXMFLOCAL

It is likely to be /usr/share/texmf/ on your system. You can put things other than 8-bit fonts in TEXMFHOME, but creating a font map as a user will cause problems.

If you want to use newer versions of the packages, and have full control over what to install, you can remove the system texlive and do a custom installation to /usr/local/texlive/.

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