It's not the same question as here : How do I cite author in LaTeX?

I create my bib file with Zotero (better BibLaTeX) and so I don't have year and publisher but date and journaltitle and so I can't use \citeauthor as proposed in the previous link.

I can use better BibTex but it seems that BibLaTeX is better than BibTex. Is there any other solution ?

Edit : I used Bibtex thinking I used Biblatex I had to install biber (Ubuntu)

apt-get install biber

And here is the scheme I use :





%% ##############################
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet~\cite{pssh}.
    At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum~\cite{hsim2}.

biblatex-examples.bib is an extract from the file provided by Zotero

  title = {On the Mathematical Status of the Pseudo-Steady State Hypothesis of Biochemical Kinetics},
  volume = {1},
  timestamp = {2017-06-16T20:19:49Z},
  number = {1},
  urldate = {2017-06-01},
  journal = {Mathematical Biosciences},
  author = {Heineken, F. G. and Tsuchiya, H. M. and Aris, R.},
  year = {1967},
  keywords = {asymptotic solution,singular perturbation,steady-state},
  pages = {95--113},
  annote = {Explication "biologique" et math{\'e}matique que l'hypoth{\`e}se de quasy steady state.
Construction de la solution asymptotique pour tout t},
  file = {qss.pdf:/home/cecilelocal/.zotero/zotero/ekuhyidl.default/zotero/storage/RU83AENU/qss.pdf:application/pdf}

  title = {{{HSIM}}: {{A Hybrid Stochastic Simulation System}} for {{Systems Biology}}},
  volume = {313},
  issn = {15710661},
  shorttitle = {{{HSIM}}},
  doi = {10.1016/j.entcs.2015.04.016},
  language = {en},
  timestamp = {2017-06-19T17:34:45Z},
  urldate = {2017-06-15},
  journal = {Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science},
  author = {Amar, Patrick and Paulev{\'e}, Lo{\"\i}c},
  year = {2015},
  keywords = {circadian clock,entiy-centered systems,hybrid systems,simulation,stochastic simulations},
  pages = {3--21},
  annote = {Description de deux m{\'e}thodes de simulations : entit{\'e}-centr{\'e}e et SSA global},
  file = {hsim2.pdf:/home/cecilelocal/.zotero/zotero/ekuhyidl.default/zotero/storage/5KRMSRJU/hsim2.pdf:application/pdf}

To obtain the pdf file I have to run

pdflatex name.tex
biber name
pdflatex name.tex
pdflatex name.tex
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    What you're trying to achieve is not very clear. There exist \citeauthor and \citeauthor* commands in biblatex, so why can't you use them? – Bernard Jun 19 '17 at 18:14
  • Ok... I understand... I used bibtex thinking I used Biblatex – Ccile Jun 19 '17 at 20:36
  • I have retagged your question since you use BibTeX and not biblatex. – moewe Jun 20 '17 at 4:20
  • No, my question was about Biblatex and I have my answer, I was wrong. And now, it's good, because I found the information. – Ccile Jun 20 '17 at 6:25
  • @Bernard Do you want to write up an answer? Or do you know a good duplicate. How do I cite author in LaTeX? is good, but does not explicitly mention biblatex. – moewe Jun 20 '17 at 7:49

Biblatex yields the \citeauthor and \Citeauthor commands, and starred variants.

From the documentation (§ 3.8.5, p.97):

These commands print the authors. Strictly speaking, it prints the labelname list, which may be the author , the editor , or the translator . \Citeauthor is similar to \citeauthor but capitalizes the name prefix of the first name in the citation if the useprefix option is enabled, provided that there is a name prefix. The starred variants effectively force maxcitenames to 1 for just this command on so only print the first name in the labelname list (potentially followed by the “et al” string if there are more names).


biblatex is not a bibliography engine, and doesn't have to be opposed to bibtex. Two bibliography engines can be used with biblatex with the option backend=: biber and bibtex. The default is biber, as it has more capabilities than bibtex.

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