I am using sharelatex to prepare a paper for submission to JASA. I got the paper looking nice using the LuaLaTeX compiler with very little warnings. However, I noticed on their submission guidelines that the authors have to submit a single .tex file:

Note: JASA submission guidelines require that you submit a single TEX file. Therefore, if using BibTEX, when you finally submit your paper to the Journal, you must incorporate your bibliography directly in your TEX document. Using a text editor, replace the \bibliography statement with the contents of the generated .bbl file.

I have seen how to do this using Latex compiler or pdflatex compiler. However, when I try to compile my document with this I get numerous errors. My question is: is there a way of generating the .bbl file using LuaLatex? I am using MS Windows and also have access to a working GNU box.

  • It's not LuaLaTeX that generates the .bbl file, it's bibtex. But ShareLaTeX runs bibtex for you automatically. It's not entirely clear to me what you've tried. If it worked before you replaced \bibliography{..} with the contents of the .bbl, it should work after as well. Or have you not been able to get the .bbl file from ShareLaTeX? Jun 20, 2017 at 11:31
  • I have not been able to generate the .bbl file in sharelatex, at least i cannot find it! How can one access it?
    – user131526
    Jun 20, 2017 at 11:38

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The bbl file is generated automatically by ShareLaTeX, but not added to the file list. You can still access it though. This is assuming you have a working document with a bibliography.

Right next to the Recompile-button (above the preview), there is a button taking you to "logs and output files":

enter image description here

Then click on "other logs and files", and one of the choices should be bbl file.

enter image description here

Click to download the file. Open it in a text editor on your computer, and copy everything. Go back to ShareLaTeX, comment out/remove


and paste the contents of the .bbl file right below \bibliography{..}.


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