I'm trying to create a footnote with multiple (3) lines with an equation in each line. I would like it look something like this:

¹ Footnotetext A=B
           and C=D
           but E \neq F

I already tried out the footmisc package (maybe not good enough) and played around with the approaches in: Layout of multiple lines footnotes and Footnote indentation 1.25cm of multiple lines footnotes.

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A TABstack can help, since its width is not a complete line, but only the content width. To make the text flow properly, the row 1 entry for column 1 has to be wider than the other column-1 entries.

\textheight2.5in% FOR THIS MWE ONLY
Here is a reference%
Footnote with \alignLongunderstack{%
  \text{enough text} && A=&B\\ \text{and} && CC =& D\\ \text{but not} && E\neq& F}
and here is another%

enter image description here

  • tabstackengine is really universal LaTeX tool :) (+1)
    – Zarko
    Commented Jun 21, 2017 at 11:37

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