I'm using LyX, and I've set quite a few custom macros which contain arguments. For example for a 3x3 matrix I use \Mthree{...} where the ... stands for the 9 arguments for each matrix element.

But in default LyX positions the cursor right after the macro, and I need to go back and position the cursor on the first argument.

This is pretty inconvenient and not at all natural. Is there a way to make Lyx position the cursor on the first argument of the macro?

EDIT: Indeed G.M.'s answer works, but I finally realized where I was incorrect in phrasing the question, as I was already using the suggested typing method. What I meant to ask is not how to finish typing a macro, but how to make LyX position the cursor on the first argument when the macro is given a keyboard shortcut! Because on a daily basis almost all of my macros have assigned shortcuts to make the writing more fluent. An it is then when the cursor automatically gets positioned after the macro and not within.

My guess is that it can't be done and needs to be implemented in LyX, but I wonder if anyone is familiar with a way to do it.


To finish entering a macro, type Space, or autocomplete it with Tab, e.g.:

  • \MthreeSpace
  • \MthrTab

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