What is the easiest way to obtain the capital version of tipa's letter \textyogh (which is apparently LATIN CAPITAL LETTER EZH U+01B7, Ʒ)?


There is a similar letter in Cyrillic fonts, CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER ABKHASIAN DZE U+04E0.

\usepackage[X2,T1]{fontenc} % or OT1 in place of T1



\Ezh\ is the letter, with \ezh\ for the lowercase version.


enter image description here


the unicode manual identifies yogh as U+021C (capital) and U+021D (lowercase).

there are cross references to ezh: U+01B7 (uppercase) and U+0292 (lowercase). these more closely match the images in both the tipa manual and the "phonetic symbol guide" (pullum & ladusaw).

if looking for a font, the phonetic fonts from sil.org are good candidates. doulos sil should be usable with xetex or luatex.

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