I want to bar certain parts of my document from compiling based on a toggle switch. The reason is that my books contain a lot of PGF diagrams and graphs and the whole book takes a lot of time to compile. The number of chapters is also huge. When I am writing a particular chapter, I usually comment out chapters corresponding to other \input or \include files.

I thought of creating a new environment which has a toggle switch to do this automatically. Just one comment/uncomment will instantly switch back and forth between single chapter document and full document.

This is my MWE



\newcommand{\dontcompile}{true} % 'true' is meaningless, any word should do
    \ifdef{\dontcompile} \leftbracechar } { \rightbracechar }    


    \chapter{first} % a chapter is usually a seperate file but here this should do
    Text of first

Text of second

Text of third


If I comment out the line \newcommand{\dontcompile}{true} I expect the document to behave as if all chapters are to be compiled and it seems to work well.

If I uncomment the line \newcommand{\dontcompile}{true}, I expect to omit the first chapter from compiling. Which it does but also produces a garbage page. Basicaly I want the line \newcommand{\dontcompile}{true} to act like a toggle switch.

Is there a way to rectify it?

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