When combining single- and double-column text using reledmac and reledpar, is it possible to have numbered pstarts such that they form a continuous sequence in both the single- and double-columned portions of the text?

In the following MWE, I'd ideally like to have the numbers down the left-hand side run continuously from 1 to 7:






A bit of single-column text.

A load of single-column text that ought to stretch across a couple of lines to give a sense of scale.

\begin{Leftside}\resumenumbering\pstart Some left-column text that should have a paragraph number in sequence with the single-column text.\pend
\pstart Additional left-column text.\pend\pausenumbering  \end{Leftside}
\begin{Rightside}\beginnumberingR\pstart Some right-column text that will be a bit longer. I don't want this side to have paragraph numbers at all.\pend
\pstart Additional right-column text.\pend\endnumberingR 
\begin{Leftside}\resumenumbering\pstart Some more left-column text.\pend\pausenumbering\end{Leftside}
\begin{Rightside}\beginnumberingR\pstart Some more right-column text.\pend\endnumberingR\end{Rightside}

\pstart Some further single-column text. \pend
\pstart And some more single-column text. \pend

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    That should be a default behavior of reledmac when using pausenumbering/resumenumbering in alternance with two columns. Please open a github issue. That could be solved quickly, I hope. – Maïeul Jun 26 '17 at 16:56
  • Many thanks, Maïeul. Github issue added. One further weird thing, perhaps related, is that the first single-column text after a double-column text sometimes won't print the pstart number at all (though it will appear in the notes). I haven't been able to isolate what causes this. Invoking \sidepstartnumtrue seemed to cause it, but apparently not every time. – Jesse Billett Jun 27 '17 at 18:07
  • as soon as mw computer will be repaired; I will correct the pstart counter problem. Please open an issue for the other problem with a MWE – Maïeul Jun 29 '17 at 13:43

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