Thanks everyone in advance for your help.

I want to create a list of axioms. I want to use labels of the form (An), where n=4 at the beginning and then it increase at each new item. I also want to be able to use \label and \ref to refer back to certain specific axioms. I can get the labels right (but only by brute force). I cannot make \label and \ref working properly though.

It would be great if the result is compatible with \hyperref.

This is the best I could do.






\item[(A4)]\label{a4} axiom 4

\item[(A5)]\label{a5} axiom 5




The problems with this are:

(1) I have to manually insert (A4), etc. at each new item

(2) \ref{a4} does not give (A4).

Thanks again.

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There is a way with enumitem:





\begin{enumerate}[label=\emph{(A\arabic*)}, start=4]

\item\label{a4} axiom 4

\item\label{a5} axiom 5





The formatting command \emph can be removed from the reference by option ref:




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