I am currently creating a Latex document in a twoside class which contains a bilingual text: On the left side (the left page) there is always a latin text and on the right side (the right page) there is the german translation. For this I am using reledpar and I am really happy with it, there is just one problem I have.

By default on the left side of the left page there is the line numbering and on the right side of the right page there is a line numbering for the right text followed by a capital R.
Now I want to keep the line numbering on the left page, but remove the line numbering on the right page completely (hide it).

I read through the reledpar / reledmac documentation but could not find help in there. I found out that with "\numberlinefalse" I can completely deactivate the line numbering on both sides but this is not what I want.

My MWE is:


% Synchronize text on multiple pages 

% Set space between pstart and pend

% Begin the document

Inside of the LatinText and GermanText there is just a lot of "\pstart" and "\pend" with some text in between so nothing special.

TLDR: How can I remove the line numbering on one page of a twoside translation document using reledpar/reledmac?

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After having a look again at all similar reledpar questions I found this answer from Maïeul (Printing the line number with eledpar in facing pages only on the left page, but not on the right one) which solved my problem. Credits to him:

You can tell you want to numbering right page only after a great, great number of line.

So do


Answer from Maïeul! Upvote him not me!

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