I've got this:

        BoldFont          = Equity_Text_B_Bold.otf ,
        ItalicFont        = Equity_Text_B_Italic.otf ,
        BoldItalicFont    = Equity_Text_B_Bold_Italic.otf , 
        SmallCapsFont     = Equity_Caps_B_Regular.otf ]

And I have another font file in my project directory called Equity_Caps_B_Bold.otf. I want the following text to print in bold, smallcaps, but it is printing in regular, smallcaps:

    \centerline{\bf{\textsc {\CourtNameOne}}}

What's the best practice for adding bold, smallcaps when my font family has a specific file for that? I'm using the LuaTeX engine.

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    Welcome! \bf is 20+ years obsolete and ought not be used in LaTeX. \centerline is also usually wrong, as I understand it. The fontspec manual explains how to do what you need. – cfr Jun 27 '17 at 1:56
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    Note that if you had the fonts installed, you wouldn't need to specify the individual font files this way. (Probably.) – cfr Jun 27 '17 at 1:57
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    Instead of \bf{\textsc {\CourtNameOne}, you should definitely write \textbf{\textsc{\CourtNameOne}}. Your main challenge will be to inform fontspec how to access the bold-smallcaps font combination. (I'm afraid I can't give any advice on that since I don't have access to any of the Equity_... fonts.) – Mico Jun 27 '17 at 5:20

BoldFont          = *-Bold,
ItalicFont        = *-Italic,
BoldItalicFont    = *-BoldItalic, 
SmallCapsFont     = EquityCapsB,
BoldFeatures      = {SmallCapsFont=EquityCapsB-Bold}

\textsc {CourtNameOne}
\textbf{\textsc {CourtNameOne}}


enter image description here

This definition should also work, fontspec will find all fonts:

  SmallCapsFont = EquityCapsB,
  BoldFeatures  = {SmallCapsFont=EquityCapsB-Bold}

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