I customized my bib labes to show the first three letters of the first author only and the full year, which requires maxalphanames=1. But I'd like to use the IEEE style for the actual bib entry.

However, it is not possible to use maxalphanames = together with style = ieee-alphabetic. Do you know any workaround?



        author  = "George Orwell and Aldous Huxley and William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde",
        title   = "1984",
        year    = "1948",
        journal = "Books about big brothers",
        volume  = "5",
        number  = "42",
        pages   = "100--111"

                % style=ieee-alphabetic, % does not work with maxalphanames

% Label with full year

    \cite{author1}. \\

So I'd like to combine this:

enter image description here

including the correct translation of volume and number, with this:

enter image description here

  • Note that the option firstinits has been renamed to giveninits. – moewe Jun 28 '17 at 19:43

biblatex-ieee's ieee-alphabetic works perfectly well together with maxalphanames. It's just that it sets maxalphanames = 4, and minalphanames = 3,. Since we must always have maxalphanames>=minalphanames, we have to set

minalphanames=1, maxalphanames=1,  

and things work.

But if it is only the format of volume and number that you want from ieee-alphabetic, you can have that with



in the standard style alphabetic.

  • I guess it's not just volume and number, it's more a "I don't want to think about which style rules to follow, but everybody in my field agrees with IEEE". Thanks for the addition anyway! – thewaywewalk Jun 29 '17 at 7:08

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