I am unable to generate PDF when using hyperref & bookmark package alongwith \usepackage[arabic,english]{babel}. If I remove the packages hyperref & bookmark, then PDF generated successfully.

Please find the MWE in below:






\begin{otherlanguage}{arabic}\AR{الحمد لله رب كل العالمين.}\end{otherlanguage}

\begin{otherlanguage}{arabic}\AR{الرحيم الرحيم.}\end{otherlanguage}


     \caption{Comparison of steady state results (a) x method (b) y method}


After DVI->PS, we are getting the below error during distilling:

%%[ Error: limitcheck; OffendingCommand: cvn ]%%


(subfigure.\\protect \\protect \\bgroup \\beginL \\protect \\protect \\edef OT1{OT1}\\let \\enc@update \\relax \\protect \\xdef \\OT1/cmr/m/n/10 {\\OT1/cmr/m/n/10 }\\OT1/cmr/m/n/10 \\size@update \\enc@update \\def OT1{O...)
[/XYZ 86.0023 440.288 -null-]

%%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%
%%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ] %%

Please do the needful.

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    Does it work with pdftex? – Martin Schröder Jul 11 '17 at 12:55
  • @MartinSchröder: Yes. I am facing this issue with dvips. – Kumaresh PS Jul 11 '17 at 12:58

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