Suppose I have a document containing A n pages an another one (B) containing one page. How can I use pdfpages to create a landscape document has on the ith page the ith page of A on the left and B on the right, i.e.

1 page: page 1 of A, B
2 page: page 2 of A, B
3 page: page 3 of A, B

The solution should update automatically if n changes.


This doesn't use pdfpages, but I think it does what you ask. lipsum.pdf was a PDF containing just some \lipsum text, replace with your file A.

  showframe% show text area
\usepackage[export]{adjustbox} % for valign key
\usepackage{pgffor} % for foreach
% get page count from PDF
% cf. e.g. https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/8316
\foreach \i in {1,2,...,\nbframes}

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