I have a multicols enviroment in which the first thing is a tabular and then a bunch of text. The tabular takes about half of the height of the other columns but there is no text below it.enter image description here

I tried Figure, minipage, medbreak etc but nothing solved the issue.

  • Can you show your code? This looks like a mixture of twocolumn and multicolums.
    – knut
    Jul 3, 2017 at 10:16

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It is hard to help without seeing the code you use, but it looks like a combination of the twocolumn-option and the multicols environment.


\begin{multicols}{2}%Here you define a twocolumn-environment inside one columns

You have two columns and inside one of this columns you add the multicols-environment. This may be the source of your problem.

Depending on what you need you may

  • Don't use the twocolumn option at all.
  • switch to one note layout for some pages (\onenote command followed by a \twocolumn-command to switch back). (Attention: This forces page breaks)
  • Use the table*-environment to span the tabular over two columns (The star * is the important thing!)

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