I'm using the callouts package for rescaling images after putting some text and markers in it.

    %\callout{X-Start, Y-Start}{Text}{X-Ende, Y-Ende}
    \draw [thick, \arcol] (-6.775,3.85) rectangle (-6.45, 4.2);
    \callout{-6, 0}{Testbundle laden}{-6.6125,3.85}

    \draw [thick, \arcol] (-6.37,3.85) rectangle (-6.05, 4.2);
    \callout{-4.8, 1}{Testplan laden}{-6.21,3.85}

\caption[Screenshot Hauptfenster Testcenter 2]{Hauptfenster Testcenter 2}

results in (don't mind the text, i wanted to give you the whole page) enter image description here

i change the scaling to width=0.4\textwidth and the paramter of the callouts environment to 0,4.

It gives me this: enter image description here

I know the the annotate environment wants the scaling factor of the image to keep the proportions. I want to rescale using \textwidth.

How can i calculate the scaling ouf of width=\textwidth or width=0.4\textwidth?

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    I don't get it. You seem to use the package properly, and it seems to give the intended result. Could you explain what you want to do, or what is wrong with what you currently have? Jul 3, 2017 at 13:56
  • I rechecked the documentation. The third parameter of the annotate environment wants the coefficient for width. I thought i wants the scale factor, thats why i wanted to calculate the scale factor out of 0.4\textwidth
    – SiGa
    Jul 4, 2017 at 10:40

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The annotate environment wants the coefficient of width=0.4\textwidth, so it wants 0.4. My example didn't have errors in it.

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