I am a new Latex user with little programming knowledge. I have downloaded the hieroglyph package and unzipped the two files. The installation instructions list a path where to place MF and AUXMF folders. My problem is that I cannot find either folder in the unzipped files. What don't I understand about this instruction and how do I proceed from this point?

Thank you for responding. Any help is greatly appreciated. I downloaded HieroTex-3.5.tgz, HieroType1-3.1.4.tgz, LIEZMOI, and README from CTAN Tex-archive fonts hieroglyph. I am using MiKTeX 2.9 with TeXstudio 2.12.4.

  • Welcome to TeX.SX! Please elaborate on what you did. Which files did you download from which source? – TeXnician Jul 3 '17 at 15:22
  • Thank you for responding. Any help is greatly appreciated. I downloaded HieroTex-3.5.tgz, HieroType1-3.1.4.tgz, LIEZMOI, and README from CTAN Tex-archive fonts hieroglyph. I am using MiKTeX 2.9 with TeXstudio 2.12.4 @TeXnician – Milt Riggs Jul 3 '17 at 16:57

The steps are:

  1. Put sesh.exe somewhere visible to your operating system (I made a new folder and put the folder name into the path environmental variable (on Windows machine))

  2. Put everything in the two texmf folders into your local texmf tree (I made a texmf folder, and copied the folders in; then, because this was the first time using a local texmf tree, in MiKTeX Console, under Settings, Directories, added in the texmf folder)

  3. Refresh the file name data base, and refresh font map files (in MiKTeX Console, under Tasks)

  4. Try the test file, call it foo.htx:

    A1 \end{hieroglyph}

It turns out that Sesh.exe is a pre-processor that converts Gardiner Numbers (like A1) into hierotex code (\leavevmode \loneSign{\Aca GA/32/), which includes layout, positioning, direction and scaling.

Sesh uses stdin and stdout, so command-line compilation looks like this, including the input and output arrows:

sesh < foo.htx > foo.tex
latex foo.tex

I wasn't able to install the PS and Type1 fonts properly (old-style, non-Unicode font installation is a bugbear!) - and got as far as on the latex run as maketfm failing because there's a Hier.cfg file that it couldn't find.


Easier for me at the moment to use a Unicode font (like Noto Sans Egyptian Hieroglyphs) and raw Tikz, with manual positioning and scaling, like so:

Example hieroglyph placement using TikZ


\usetikzlibrary{positioning, arrows, fit}
%\setmainfont{Minion Pro}
%\setmainfont{Times New Roman}
%\setmainfont{CMU Serif}
\setmainfont{Old Standard}
\newfontface\egyfe{Noto Sans Egyptian Hieroglyphs}
\newfontface\egym[Mapping=gardnernum-to-hieroglyph]{Noto Sans Egyptian Hieroglyphs}%Code2003}

\newfontface\egyn[Mapping=gardnernum-to-hieroglyph2,Color=blue]{Noto Sans Egyptian Hieroglyphs}


\expandafter\newcommand\csname A001\endcsname{\symbol{"13000}}

\newcommand\eha{{\egym G001}}
\newcommand\ehaa{{\egym D036}}\newcommand\ehb{{\egym D058}}
\newcommand\ehd{{\egym D046}}
%\newcommand\ehf{{\egym I009}}
\newcommand\ehg{{\egym W011}}
%\newcommand\ehh{{\egym N028}}
\newcommand\ehh{{\egym O004}}
\newcommand\ehH{{\egym V028}}\newcommand\ehi{{\egym M017}}
\newcommand\ehii{{\egym N018}}
\newcommand\ehj{{\egym I010}}
\newcommand\ehk{{\egym V031}}
\newcommand\ehl{{\egym E023}}
\newcommand\ehm{{\egym G017}}
\newcommand\ehmm{{\egym G018}}
\newcommand\ehn{{\egym N035}}
\newcommand\eho{{\egym V004}}
\newcommand\ehnn{{\egym S003}}
\newcommand\ehp{{\egym Q003}}
\newcommand\ehq{{\egym O040}}
\newcommand\ehqq{{\egym N029}}
%\newcommand\ehr{{\egym N005}}
\newcommand\ehr{{\egym D021}}
\newcommand\ehs{{\egym S029}}%voiceless
\newcommand\ehsh{{\egym N039}}
\newcommand\eht{{\egym X001}}
\newcommand\ehch{{\egym V013}}\newcommand\ehw{{\egym G043}}
\newcommand\ehX{{\egym AA001}}
\newcommand\ehy{{\egym M017A}}
\newcommand\ehz{{\egym O034}}

\newcommand\ehlaw{{\egym U038}}

\usetikzlibrary{backgrounds, shapes, arrows}


\newcommand\ehbo{below of}

Tikz test

%  \node at (10pt, 50pt) {Й};
  \node at (0pt, 0pt) {0};
 \node at (1em, 1em) {1};
 \node at (1em, 2em) {2};
 \node at (2em, 1em) {3};
 \node at (2em, 2em) {4};
 \node at (-1em, -1em) {\scalebox{-1}[2]{5}};
 \node at (-1em, -2em) {6};
 \node at (-2em, -1em) {7};
 \node at (-2em, -2em) {8};

 \node at (-1em, 1em) {\color{red}\textbf{a}};
 \node at (-1em, 2em) {b};
 \node at (-2em, 1em) {c};
 \node at (-2em, 2em) {d};
 \node (e) at (1em, -1em) {e};
 \node (f) at (1em, -2em) {f};
 \node at (2em, -1em) {g};
 \node at (2em, -2em) {\rotatebox{60}{h}};

 \node (z)[
        left of=f,
            node distance=1ex,  
            inner sep=0,

   Using Tikz to position hieroglyphs
  \node (x1)  at (0em, 0em) {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\egym{A001}}}}; 
  \node (x2)[
    right of=x1,
%   above =of x1.east,
%   node distance=2ex,
  \node (x3)[
    below of=x2,
    node distance=3.0ex,

\node (x4)  [
        right of=x3,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\egym{A010}}}}; 
\node (x5)  [
        right of=x4,
%       yshift=2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\egym{T003}}}}; 
\node (x6)  [
        right of=x5,
        inner sep=0,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\egym{S001}}}}; 


\node (x7)  [
        right of=x6,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2}[2]{\ehq}}}; 
\node (x8)  [
        below of=x7,
%       xshift=-2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2.4}[2.4]{\ehl}}}; 
\node (x9)  [
        right of=x8,
%       xshift=-2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\ehi}}}; 
\node (x10)  [
        right of=x9,
%       yshift=2.2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2.8}[2.8]{\eho}}}; 
\node (x11)  [
        right of=x10,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\ehp}}}; 
\node (x12)  [
        right of=x11,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\eha}}}; 
\node (x13)  [
        right of=x12,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2}[2]{\ehd}}}; 
\node (x14)  [
        below of=x13,
%%      xshift=-2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2}[2]{\ehr}}}; 
\node (x15)  [
        right of=x14,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\eha}}}; 
\node (x16)  [
        right of=x15,
%%      xshift=-2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\eht}}}; 
 \node [
        rounded corners=3ex,
        inner sep=0,
        ] (c1) {}; 
\node (x17)  [
        below of=x16,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2}[2]{\ehq}}}; 
\node (x18)  [
        below of=x17,
%       xshift=-2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2.8}[2.8]{\ehl}}}; 
\node (x19)  [
        below of=x18,
%       yshift=2.0ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2}[2]{\ehi}}}; 
\node (x20)  [
        right of=x19,
%       yshift=2.2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2}[2]{\eho}}}; 
\node (x21)  [
        below of=x20,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\ehp}}}; 
\node (x22)  [
        right of=x21,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2}[2]{\eha}}}; 
\node (x23)  [
        below of=x22,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2}[2]{\ehd}}}; 
\node (x24)  [
        below of=x23,
%%      xshift=-2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2}[2]{\ehr}}}; 
\node (x25)  [
        below of=x24,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2}[2]{\eha}}}; 
\node (x26)  [
        right of=x25,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2}[2]{\eht}}}; 
 \node [
        rounded corners=3ex,
        inner sep=0,
        ] (c2) {}; 
\node (x27)  [
        below of=x1,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-2}[2]{\ehq}}}; 
\node (x28)  [
%%      below of=x27,
        \ehbo = \ehnnx ,
%       xshift=-2ex,
%%      yshift=1.0ex,
        \ehys = \ehoneex ,
%       ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-2.8}[2.8]{\ehl}}}; 

\node (x29)  [
        below of=x28,
%       yshift=2.0ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-2}[2]{\ehi}}}; 
\node (x30)  [
        left of=x29,
%       yshift=2.2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-2}[2]{\eho}}}; 
\node (x31)  [
        below of=x30,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-3}[3]{\ehp}}}; 
\node (x32)  [
        left of=x31,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-2}[2]{\eha}}}; 
\node (x33)  [
        below of=x32,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-2}[2]{\ehd}}}; 
\node (x34)  [
        below of=x33,
%%      xshift=-2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-2}[2]{\ehr}}}; 
\node (x35)  [
        below of=x34,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-2}[2]{\eha}}}; 
\node (x36)  [
        left of=x35,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-2}[2]{\eht}}}; 
 \node [
        rounded corners=3ex,
        inner sep=0,
        ] (c3) {}; 
% \draw (0,0) circle {2cm};
%\node (x99a)  [
%       below of=x8,
%       scale=-3,
%       rotate=90,
%       color=red,
%%      xshift=2.5ex,
%%      yshift=-6.8ex,
%%      ] {\color{red}{\scalebox{5}[5]{\ehlaw}}}; 
%       ] {\ehl};
%%\node (x99b)  [
%%      below of=x8,
%%      scale=3,
%%      rotate=90,
%%      color=blue,
%%      xshift=-3.5ex,
%%%     yshift=-6.8ex,
%%      ] {\ehl};       
%%\node (x99c)  [
%%      below of=x8,
%%      scale=-3,
%%      rotate=270,
%%      color=blue,
%%      xshift=-3.5ex,
%%      yshift=-1.5ex,
%%      ] {\ehl};   
%%\draw[thick, black] (x99a) -- (x99c);
%\node (x99d)  [
%       below of=x8,
%       scale=-3,
%       rotate=180,
%       color=red,
%       xshift=-2.5ex,
%       yshift=-1.5ex,
%       ] {\ehl};
%\node (x99e)  [
%       below of=x8,
%       scale=-3,
%       rotate=0,
%       color=red,
%       xshift=-2.5ex,
%       yshift=1.6ex,
%       ] {\ehl};
\node (x99f)  [
        below of=x8,
        ] { };  

%\node (x99fa)  [
%       below of=x99f,
%       scale=-3,
%       rotate=0,
%       color=blue,
%%      xshift=1.5ex,
%%      yshift=2.5ex,
%%      ] {\color{red}{\scalebox{5}[5]{\ehlaw}}}; 
%       ] {\ehl};
%\node (x99fb)  [
%       below left of=x99fa,
%       scale=3,
%       rotate=180,
%       color=blue,
%%      xshift=-2.5ex,
%%      yshift=-1.5ex,
%       ] {\ehl};
\node (x99fc)  [
        below of=x99f,
        ] {\ehl};

\node (x99fca)  [
        below of=x99f,
        ] {\ehl};

\node (x99fcy)  [
        below of=x99f,
        ] {\ehl};

\node (x99fcay)  [
        below of=x99f,
        ] {\ehl};

\node (x99fcu)  [
        below of=x99f,
        ] {\ehl};

\node (x99fcau)  [
        below of=x99f,
        ] {\ehl};

\node (x99fcyu)  [
        below of=x99f,
        ] {\ehl};

\node (x99fcayu)  [
        below of=x99f,
        ] {\ehl};

\node (n1)  [right of=x99fc] {1}; % $(-1,-1)$
\node (n2)  [right of=x99fca] {2};
\node (n3)  [left of=x99fcy] {3};
\node (n4)  [left of=x99fcay] {4};

\node (n5)  [
        above of=x99fcu,
%       xscale=3,
%       yscale=3,
%       rotate=90,
%       color=blue,
%       xshift=-2.5ex,
%       yshift=1.6ex,
        ] {5};

\node (n6)  [
        below of=x99fcau,
%       xscale=3,
%       yscale=3,
%       rotate=90,
%       color=blue,
%       xshift=-2.5ex,
%       yshift=1.6ex,
        ] {6};

\node (n7)  [
        above of=x99fcyu,
%       xscale=3,
%       yscale=3,
%       rotate=90,
%       color=blue,
%       xshift=-2.5ex,
%       yshift=1.6ex,
        ] {7};

\node (n8)  [
        below of=x99fcayu,
%       xscale=3,
%       yscale=3,
%       rotate=90,
%       color=blue,
%       xshift=-2.5ex,
%       yshift=1.6ex,
        ] {8};

%\node (x99fd)  [
%       below of=x99f,
%       scale=-3,
%       rotate=90,
%       color=blue,
%       xshift=-3.5ex,
%       yshift=0ex,
%       ] {\ehl};       

 \node [
    below of=x26,
    ](zx1)  {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-3}[3]{\egym{A001}}}}; 
  \node (zx2)[
    left of=zx1,
%   above =of x1.east,
%   node distance=2ex,
  \node (zx3)[
    below of=zx2,
    node distance=3.0ex,

\node (zx4)  [
        left of=zx3,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-3}[3]{\egym{A010}}}}; 
\node (zx5)  [
        left of=zx4,
%       yshift=2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-3}[3]{\egym{T003}}}}; 
\node (zx6)  [
        left of=zx5,
%       inner sep=0,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-3}[3]{\egym{S001}}}}; 


\node (zx7)  [
        left of=zx6,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-2}[2]{\ehq}}}; 
\node (zx8)  [
        below of=zx7,
%       xshift=-2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-2.4}[2.4]{\ehl}}}; 
\node (zx9)  [
        left of=zx8,
%       xshift=-2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-3}[3]{\ehi}}}; 
\node (zx10)  [
        left of=zx9,
%       yshift=2.2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-2.8}[2.8]{\eho}}}; 
\node (zx11)  [
        left of=zx10,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-3}[3]{\ehp}}}; 
\node (zx12)  [
        left of=zx11,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-3}[3]{\eha}}}; 
\node (zx13)  [
        left of=zx12,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-2}[2]{\ehd}}}; 
\node (zx14)  [
        below of=zx13,
%%      xshift=-2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-2}[2]{\ehr}}}; 
\node (zx15)  [
        left of=zx14,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-3}[3]{\eha}}}; 
\node (zx16)  [
        left of=zx15,
%%      xshift=-2ex,
        ] {\color{blue}{\scalebox{-3}[3]{\eht}}}; 
 \node [
        rounded corners=3ex,
        inner sep=0,
        ] (zc1) {}; 

\section{Writing Hieroglyphs}
To write hieroglyphs, you will need:
\item a font that contains hieroglyphs
    \item e.g. Noto Sans Egyptian Hieroglyphs
\item an editor that can handle utf-8 or other unicode-format files
    \item e.g. TeXworks
\item an input method to enter the hieroglyphs into the file
    \item keyboard (1000+ keys = impractical)
       \item an IME (none written yet?)
       \item font-mapping (TECkit fontmaps work only in xelatex. not in lualatex)
\item a TeX flavour to process the file
    \item e.g. xelatex
\item and for advanced typesetting:
    \item a way of positioning the hieroglyphs in sequence, horizontally and vertically
        \item e.g. the tabular environment
        \item e.g. Tikz
    \item a way of scaling the hieroglyphs appropriately within any stacked or side-by-side arrangement, including flipping them horizontally when writing in the opposite direction (flipping is applying a scaling factor of $ -1$)
        \item e.g. the scalebox command
        \item e.g. the xscale= and yscale= node options in Tikz


Birth name: Tuthmosis ("Born of the God Thoth")
Throne name: Menkheperre ("Lasting is the Manifestation of Re")

\node (p1)  
        at (0,0) 
%   [
%   left of=zx15,
%%      xshift=-2ex,
%       yshift=-1.8ex,
%       ]
         {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\egym M023}}}; 

\node (p2)  
%       at (0,0) 
    below of=p1,
%%      xshift=-2ex,
         {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\egym L002}}}; 

\node (m1)  
%       at (0,0) 
    below of=p2,
%%      xshift=-2ex,
         {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\egym N005}}}; 
 \node (m2)  
    below of=m1,
%%      xshift=-2ex,
%       yshift=-1.8ex,
         {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\egym Y005}}}; 
 \node (m3)  
    below of=m2,
%%      xshift=-2ex,
%       yshift=-1.8ex,
         {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\egym L001}}}; 
 \node [
        rounded corners=3ex,
        inner sep=0,
        fit={(m1) (m2) (m3)},
        ] (zc1) {}; 

\node (b1)  
%       at (0,0) 
    right of=p1,
%       yshift=-2.4ex,
         {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\egym G039}}}; 

 \node (b2)  
    below of=b1,
%%      xshift=-2ex,
         {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3}[3]{\egym N005}}}; 

 \node (n1)  
    below of=b2,
%%      xshift=-2ex,
         {\color{blue}{\scalebox{3.2}[3.2]{\egym G026}}}; 

 \node (n2)  
    below of=n1,
         {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2}[2]{\egym F031}}}; 

 \node (n3)  
    right of=n2,
%       yshift=-1.4ex,
         {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2}[2]{\egym F035}}}; 

 \node (n4)  
    below of=n3,
         {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2}[2]{\egym L001}}}; 

 \node (n5)  
    below of=n4,
%       xshift=-1.8ex,
         {\color{blue}{\scalebox{2}[2]{\egym Z002}}}; 

 \node [
        rounded corners=3ex,
        inner sep=0,
        ] (zd1) {}; 


\verb|\symbol{"13000}| =  {\egyfe\huge \symbol{"13000}}

Macro command \textbackslash A001 = {\egyfe\huge \csname A001\endcsname}

Mapped Gardiner number A001 = { \huge \texthg{A001}}

(Second mapping) Mapped Gardiner number A1 = {\huge\texthi{A1}}

A001: In an environment: 

\section{Gardner numbers}


Alternative 2

Another alternative, more portable, is to use regular expressions, under expl3, for example:



\setmainfont{Noto Serif}
\newfontfamily\fegy{Noto Sans Egyptian Hieroglyphs}

\regex_replace_all:nnN { a001 } { ^^^^^13000 } \l_my_tl
\regex_replace_all:nnN { g010 } { ^^^^^1314b } \l_my_tl
\regex_replace_all:nnN { m017a } { ^^^^^131cc } \l_my_tl
\regex_replace_all:nnN { n001 } { ^^^^^131ef } \l_my_tl

\NewDocumentCommand { \textegyhiero } { m } {%
\tl_set:Nn \l_my_tl { #1 }
\tl_use:N \l_my_tl

\NewDocumentEnvironment{egyhiero}{ +b } 
\tl_set:Nn \l_my_tl { #1 }
\tl_use:N \l_my_tl
{ }



This is inline {\fegy\Large\textegyhiero{a001 g010 n001}}.

And the following is inside an environment:

a001 g010 n001

a001 g010 n001 m017a

End of environment.


Disclaimer: This is just an interpretation of the very bad readme combined with some TeX knowledge. I did not test it.

You will find two types of folders in those archives: texmf and something else.

The texmf folder should be put anywhere on your laptop and will be indexed by MikTeX as soon as you add it. Put the contents of both texmf folders (from both archives) into one folder, f.i. texmf-local, so that you would have the following structure:

- texmf-local
-- doc
-- dvips
-- fonts
-- pdftex
-- tex

Then add this to the MikTeX search path (tab roots in the settings manager, afaik). Rebuild your filename database (tab general in the settings manager, afaik).

The last step would be to put the sesh executables from HieroTeX into a folder which is in the PATH of your OS. There are tons of how-tos out there showing how to do that. Test if it worked by running sesh on the command-line.

Now you should be ready to go.

  • Have followed your instructions to the best of my ability. When I run sesh, I get a dos screen with a blinking cursor. When I run the package in Texstudio, I receive a hiero.sty not found error. – Milt Riggs Jul 3 '17 at 19:29
  • @MiltRiggs A .sty not found means that you do not have added that folder to the MikTeX search path or forgot to refresh the FNDB afterwards. Unfortunately I can't say what sesh is supposed to do, but a blinking cursor may mean that it's waiting for input, hence it's not the main problem here. – TeXnician Jul 3 '17 at 19:43

The author of this package is the associated professor Rosmorduc. The unpackged files contain a folder named texmf which is already in the structer of TDS. Use your "Miktex option" you can register those files in right directory for Miktex. But the last step for your installation(run sesh.exe) is outdate, because your new version of Miktex is designed for 64bit system instead the one(32bit system) Pro. Rosmorduc programmed sesh.exe. The corresponding file to run Sesh.exe in Miktex 2.9 which you are using is in the directory root\MikTex\miktex\bin\x64. Indeed, if you still wish to run the package of Rosmorduc, you should update the whole engine of this package in this sense.

  • Not really clear, sorry. – egreg Feb 8 '18 at 16:05

Part 2: the mapping file (compile with TECkit_compile foo to produce the .tec file


; TECkit mapping for TeX input conventions <-> Unicode characters

LHSName "Gardiner-to-Hieroglyph2"


; ligatures from Knuth's original CMR fonts
U+002D U+002D           <>  U+2013  ; -- -> en dash
U+002D U+002D U+002D    <>  U+2014  ; --- -> em dash

U+0027          <>  U+2019  ; ' -> right single quote
U+0027 U+0027   <>  U+201D  ; '' -> right double quote
U+0022           >  U+201D  ; " -> right double quote

U+0060          <>  U+2018  ; ` -> left single quote
U+0060 U+0060   <>  U+201C  ; `` -> left double quote

U+0021 U+0060   <>  U+00A1  ; !` -> inverted exclam
U+003F U+0060   <>  U+00BF  ; ?` -> inverted question

; additions supported in T1 encoding
U+002C U+002C   <>  U+201E  ; ,, -> DOUBLE LOW-9 QUOTATION MARK
U+003C U+003C   <>  U+00AB  ; << -> LEFT POINTING GUILLEMET
U+003E U+003E   <>  U+00BB  ; >> -> RIGHT POINTING GUILLEMET

; Egyptian hieroglyphs
 U+0041 U+0031 <>  U+13000
 U+0041 U+0032 <>  U+13001
 U+0041 U+0033 <>  U+13002
 U+0041 U+0034 <>  U+13003
 U+0041 U+0035 <>  U+13004
 U+0041 U+0035 U+0041 <>  U+13005
 U+0041 U+0036 <>  U+13006
 U+0041 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+13007
 U+0041 U+0036 U+0042 <>  U+13008
 U+0041 U+0037 <>  U+13009
 U+0041 U+0038 <>  U+1300A
 U+0041 U+0039 <>  U+1300B
 U+0041 U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+1300C
 U+0041 U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+1300D
 U+0041 U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+1300E
 U+0041 U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+1300F
 U+0041 U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+13010
 U+0041 U+0031 U+0034 U+0041 <>  U+13011
 U+0041 U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+13012
 U+0041 U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+13013
 U+0041 U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+13014
 U+0041 U+0031 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+13015
 U+0041 U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+13016
 U+0041 U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+13017
 U+0041 U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+13018
 U+0041 U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+13019
 U+0041 U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+1301A
 U+0041 U+0032 U+0033 <>  U+1301B
 U+0041 U+0032 U+0034 <>  U+1301C
 U+0041 U+0032 U+0035 <>  U+1301D
 U+0041 U+0032 U+0036 <>  U+1301E
 U+0041 U+0032 U+0037 <>  U+1301F
 U+0041 U+0032 U+0038 <>  U+13020
 U+0041 U+0032 U+0039 <>  U+13021
 U+0041 U+0033 U+0030 <>  U+13022
 U+0041 U+0033 U+0031 <>  U+13023
 U+0041 U+0033 U+0032 <>  U+13024
 U+0041 U+0033 U+0032 U+0041 <>  U+13025
 U+0041 U+0033 U+0033 <>  U+13026
 U+0041 U+0033 U+0034 <>  U+13027
 U+0041 U+0033 U+0035 <>  U+13028
 U+0041 U+0033 U+0036 <>  U+13029
 U+0041 U+0033 U+0037 <>  U+1302A
 U+0041 U+0033 U+0038 <>  U+1302B
 U+0041 U+0033 U+0039 <>  U+1302C
 U+0041 U+0034 U+0030 <>  U+1302D
 U+0041 U+0034 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+1302E
 U+0041 U+0034 U+0031 <>  U+1302F
 U+0041 U+0034 U+0032 <>  U+13030
 U+0041 U+0034 U+0032 U+0041 <>  U+13031
 U+0041 U+0034 U+0033 <>  U+13032
 U+0041 U+0034 U+0033 U+0041 <>  U+13033
 U+0041 U+0034 U+0034 <>  U+13034
 U+0041 U+0034 U+0035 <>  U+13035
 U+0041 U+0034 U+0035 U+0041 <>  U+13036
 U+0041 U+0034 U+0036 <>  U+13037
 U+0041 U+0034 U+0037 <>  U+13038
 U+0041 U+0034 U+0038 <>  U+13039
 U+0041 U+0034 U+0039 <>  U+1303A
 U+0041 U+0035 U+0030 <>  U+1303B
 U+0041 U+0035 U+0031 <>  U+1303C
 U+0041 U+0035 U+0032 <>  U+1303D
 U+0041 U+0035 U+0033 <>  U+1303E
 U+0041 U+0035 U+0034 <>  U+1303F
 U+0041 U+0035 U+0035 <>  U+13040
 U+0041 U+0035 U+0036 <>  U+13041
 U+0041 U+0035 U+0037 <>  U+13042
 U+0041 U+0035 U+0038 <>  U+13043
 U+0041 U+0035 U+0039 <>  U+13044
 U+0041 U+0036 U+0030 <>  U+13045
 U+0041 U+0036 U+0031 <>  U+13046
 U+0041 U+0036 U+0032 <>  U+13047
 U+0041 U+0036 U+0033 <>  U+13048
 U+0041 U+0036 U+0034 <>  U+13049
 U+0041 U+0036 U+0035 <>  U+1304A
 U+0041 U+0036 U+0036 <>  U+1304B
 U+0041 U+0036 U+0037 <>  U+1304C
 U+0041 U+0036 U+0038 <>  U+1304D
 U+0041 U+0036 U+0039 <>  U+1304E
 U+0041 U+0037 U+0030 <>  U+1304F
 U+0042 U+0031 <>  U+13050
 U+0042 U+0032 <>  U+13051
 U+0042 U+0033 <>  U+13052
 U+0042 U+0034 <>  U+13053
 U+0042 U+0035 <>  U+13054
 U+0042 U+0035 U+0041 <>  U+13055
 U+0042 U+0036 <>  U+13056
 U+0042 U+0037 <>  U+13057
 U+0042 U+0038 <>  U+13058
 U+0042 U+0039 <>  U+13059
 U+0043 U+0031 <>  U+1305A
 U+0043 U+0032 <>  U+1305B
 U+0043 U+0032 U+0041 <>  U+1305C
 U+0043 U+0032 U+0042 <>  U+1305D
 U+0043 U+0032 U+0043 <>  U+1305E
 U+0043 U+0033 <>  U+1305F
 U+0043 U+0034 <>  U+13060
 U+0043 U+0035 <>  U+13061
 U+0043 U+0036 <>  U+13062
 U+0043 U+0037 <>  U+13063
 U+0043 U+0038 <>  U+13064
 U+0043 U+0039 <>  U+13065
 U+0043 U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+13066
 U+0043 U+0031 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+13067
 U+0043 U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+13068
 U+0043 U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+13069
 U+0043 U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+1306A
 U+0043 U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+1306B
 U+0043 U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+1306C
 U+0043 U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+1306D
 U+0043 U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+1306E
 U+0043 U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+1306F
 U+0043 U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+13070
 U+0043 U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+13071
 U+0043 U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+13072
 U+0043 U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+13073
 U+0043 U+0032 U+0033 <>  U+13074
 U+0043 U+0032 U+0034 <>  U+13075
 U+0044 U+0031 <>  U+13076
 U+0044 U+0032 <>  U+13077
 U+0044 U+0033 <>  U+13078
 U+0044 U+0034 <>  U+13079
 U+0044 U+0035 <>  U+1307A
 U+0044 U+0036 <>  U+1307B
 U+0044 U+0037 <>  U+1307C
 U+0044 U+0038 <>  U+1307D
 U+0044 U+0038 U+0041 <>  U+1307E
 U+0044 U+0039 <>  U+1307F
 U+0044 U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+13080
 U+0044 U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+13081
 U+0044 U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+13082
 U+0044 U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+13083
 U+0044 U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+13084
 U+0044 U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+13085
 U+0044 U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+13086
 U+0044 U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+13087
 U+0044 U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+13088
 U+0044 U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+13089
 U+0044 U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+1308A
 U+0044 U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+1308B
 U+0044 U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+1308C
 U+0044 U+0032 U+0033 <>  U+1308D
 U+0044 U+0032 U+0034 <>  U+1308E
 U+0044 U+0032 U+0035 <>  U+1308F
 U+0044 U+0032 U+0036 <>  U+13090
 U+0044 U+0032 U+0037 <>  U+13091
 U+0044 U+0032 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+13092
 U+0044 U+0032 U+0038 <>  U+13093
 U+0044 U+0032 U+0039 <>  U+13094
 U+0044 U+0033 U+0030 <>  U+13095
 U+0044 U+0033 U+0031 <>  U+13096
 U+0044 U+0033 U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+13097
 U+0044 U+0033 U+0032 <>  U+13098
 U+0044 U+0033 U+0033 <>  U+13099
 U+0044 U+0033 U+0034 <>  U+1309A
 U+0044 U+0033 U+0034 U+0041 <>  U+1309B
 U+0044 U+0033 U+0035 <>  U+1309C
 U+0044 U+0033 U+0036 <>  U+1309D
 U+0044 U+0033 U+0037 <>  U+1309E
 U+0044 U+0033 U+0038 <>  U+1309F
 U+0044 U+0033 U+0039 <>  U+130A0
 U+0044 U+0034 U+0030 <>  U+130A1
 U+0044 U+0034 U+0031 <>  U+130A2
 U+0044 U+0034 U+0032 <>  U+130A3
 U+0044 U+0034 U+0033 <>  U+130A4
 U+0044 U+0034 U+0034 <>  U+130A5
 U+0044 U+0034 U+0035 <>  U+130A6
 U+0044 U+0034 U+0036 <>  U+130A7
 U+0044 U+0034 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+130A8
 U+0044 U+0034 U+0037 <>  U+130A9
 U+0044 U+0034 U+0038 <>  U+130AA
 U+0044 U+0034 U+0038 U+0041 <>  U+130AB
 U+0044 U+0034 U+0039 <>  U+130AC
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0030 <>  U+130AD
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+130AE
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0030 U+0042 <>  U+130AF
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0030 U+0043 <>  U+130B0
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0030 U+0044 <>  U+130B1
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0030 U+0045 <>  U+130B2
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0030 U+0046 <>  U+130B3
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0030 U+0047 <>  U+130B4
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0030 U+0048 <>  U+130B5
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0030 U+0049 <>  U+130B6
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0031 <>  U+130B7
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0032 <>  U+130B8
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0032 U+0041 <>  U+130B9
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0033 <>  U+130BA
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0034 <>  U+130BB
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0034 U+0041 <>  U+130BC
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0035 <>  U+130BD
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0036 <>  U+130BE
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0037 <>  U+130BF
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0038 <>  U+130C0
 U+0044 U+0035 U+0039 <>  U+130C1
 U+0044 U+0036 U+0030 <>  U+130C2
 U+0044 U+0036 U+0031 <>  U+130C3
 U+0044 U+0036 U+0032 <>  U+130C4
 U+0044 U+0036 U+0033 <>  U+130C5
 U+0044 U+0036 U+0034 <>  U+130C6
 U+0044 U+0036 U+0035 <>  U+130C7
 U+0044 U+0036 U+0036 <>  U+130C8
 U+0044 U+0036 U+0037 <>  U+130C9
 U+0044 U+0036 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+130CA
 U+0044 U+0036 U+0037 U+0042 <>  U+130CB
 U+0044 U+0036 U+0037 U+0043 <>  U+130CC
 U+0044 U+0036 U+0037 U+0044 <>  U+130CD
 U+0044 U+0036 U+0037 U+0045 <>  U+130CE
 U+0044 U+0036 U+0037 U+0046 <>  U+130CF
 U+0044 U+0036 U+0037 U+0047 <>  U+130D0
 U+0044 U+0036 U+0037 U+0048 <>  U+130D1
 U+0045 U+0031 <>  U+130D2
 U+0045 U+0032 <>  U+130D3
 U+0045 U+0033 <>  U+130D4
 U+0045 U+0034 <>  U+130D5
 U+0045 U+0035 <>  U+130D6
 U+0045 U+0036 <>  U+130D7
 U+0045 U+0037 <>  U+130D8
 U+0045 U+0038 <>  U+130D9
 U+0045 U+0038 U+0041 <>  U+130DA
 U+0045 U+0039 <>  U+130DB
 U+0045 U+0039 U+0041 <>  U+130DC
 U+0045 U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+130DD
 U+0045 U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+130DE
 U+0045 U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+130DF
 U+0045 U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+130E0
 U+0045 U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+130E1
 U+0045 U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+130E2
 U+0045 U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+130E3
 U+0045 U+0031 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+130E4
 U+0045 U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+130E5
 U+0045 U+0031 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+130E6
 U+0045 U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+130E7
 U+0045 U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+130E8
 U+0045 U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+130E9
 U+0045 U+0032 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+130EA
 U+0045 U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+130EB
 U+0045 U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+130EC
 U+0045 U+0032 U+0033 <>  U+130ED
 U+0045 U+0032 U+0034 <>  U+130EE
 U+0045 U+0032 U+0035 <>  U+130EF
 U+0045 U+0032 U+0036 <>  U+130F0
 U+0045 U+0032 U+0037 <>  U+130F1
 U+0045 U+0032 U+0038 <>  U+130F2
 U+0045 U+0032 U+0038 U+0041 <>  U+130F3
 U+0045 U+0032 U+0039 <>  U+130F4
 U+0045 U+0033 U+0030 <>  U+130F5
 U+0045 U+0033 U+0031 <>  U+130F6
 U+0045 U+0033 U+0032 <>  U+130F7
 U+0045 U+0033 U+0033 <>  U+130F8
 U+0045 U+0033 U+0034 <>  U+130F9
 U+0045 U+0033 U+0034 U+0041 <>  U+130FA
 U+0045 U+0033 U+0036 <>  U+130FB
 U+0045 U+0033 U+0037 <>  U+130FC
 U+0045 U+0033 U+0038 <>  U+130FD
 U+0046 U+0031 <>  U+130FE
 U+0046 U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+130FF
 U+0046 U+0032 <>  U+13100
 U+0046 U+0033 <>  U+13101
 U+0046 U+0034 <>  U+13102
 U+0046 U+0035 <>  U+13103
 U+0046 U+0036 <>  U+13104
 U+0046 U+0037 <>  U+13105
 U+0046 U+0038 <>  U+13106
 U+0046 U+0039 <>  U+13107
 U+0046 U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+13108
 U+0046 U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+13109
 U+0046 U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+1310A
 U+0046 U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+1310B
 U+0046 U+0031 U+0033 U+0041 <>  U+1310C
 U+0046 U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+1310D
 U+0046 U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+1310E
 U+0046 U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+1310F
 U+0046 U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+13110
 U+0046 U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+13111
 U+0046 U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+13112
 U+0046 U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+13113
 U+0046 U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+13114
 U+0046 U+0032 U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+13115
 U+0046 U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+13116
 U+0046 U+0032 U+0033 <>  U+13117
 U+0046 U+0032 U+0034 <>  U+13118
 U+0046 U+0032 U+0035 <>  U+13119
 U+0046 U+0032 U+0036 <>  U+1311A
 U+0046 U+0032 U+0037 <>  U+1311B
 U+0046 U+0032 U+0038 <>  U+1311C
 U+0046 U+0032 U+0039 <>  U+1311D
 U+0046 U+0033 U+0030 <>  U+1311E
 U+0046 U+0033 U+0031 <>  U+1311F
 U+0046 U+0033 U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+13120
 U+0046 U+0033 U+0032 <>  U+13121
 U+0046 U+0033 U+0033 <>  U+13122
 U+0046 U+0033 U+0034 <>  U+13123
 U+0046 U+0033 U+0035 <>  U+13124
 U+0046 U+0033 U+0036 <>  U+13125
 U+0046 U+0033 U+0037 <>  U+13126
 U+0046 U+0033 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+13127
 U+0046 U+0033 U+0038 <>  U+13128
 U+0046 U+0033 U+0038 U+0041 <>  U+13129
 U+0046 U+0033 U+0039 <>  U+1312A
 U+0046 U+0034 U+0030 <>  U+1312B
 U+0046 U+0034 U+0031 <>  U+1312C
 U+0046 U+0034 U+0032 <>  U+1312D
 U+0046 U+0034 U+0033 <>  U+1312E
 U+0046 U+0034 U+0034 <>  U+1312F
 U+0046 U+0034 U+0035 <>  U+13130
 U+0046 U+0034 U+0035 U+0041 <>  U+13131
 U+0046 U+0034 U+0036 <>  U+13132
 U+0046 U+0034 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+13133
 U+0046 U+0034 U+0037 <>  U+13134
 U+0046 U+0034 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+13135
 U+0046 U+0034 U+0038 <>  U+13136
 U+0046 U+0034 U+0039 <>  U+13137
 U+0046 U+0035 U+0030 <>  U+13138
 U+0046 U+0035 U+0031 <>  U+13139
 U+0046 U+0035 U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+1313A
 U+0046 U+0035 U+0031 U+0042 <>  U+1313B
 U+0046 U+0035 U+0031 U+0043 <>  U+1313C
 U+0046 U+0035 U+0032 <>  U+1313D
 U+0046 U+0035 U+0033 <>  U+1313E
 U+0047 U+0031 <>  U+1313F
 U+0047 U+0032 <>  U+13140
 U+0047 U+0033 <>  U+13141
 U+0047 U+0034 <>  U+13142
 U+0047 U+0035 <>  U+13143
 U+0047 U+0036 <>  U+13144
 U+0047 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+13145
 U+0047 U+0037 <>  U+13146
 U+0047 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+13147
 U+0047 U+0037 U+0042 <>  U+13148
 U+0047 U+0038 <>  U+13149
 U+0047 U+0039 <>  U+1314A
 U+0047 U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+1314B
 U+0047 U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+1314C
 U+0047 U+0031 U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+1314D
 U+0047 U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+1314E
 U+0047 U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+1314F
 U+0047 U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+13150
 U+0047 U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+13151
 U+0047 U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+13152
 U+0047 U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+13153
 U+0047 U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+13154
 U+0047 U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+13155
 U+0047 U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+13156
 U+0047 U+0032 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+13157
 U+0047 U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+13158
 U+0047 U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+13159
 U+0047 U+0032 U+0033 <>  U+1315A
 U+0047 U+0032 U+0034 <>  U+1315B
 U+0047 U+0032 U+0035 <>  U+1315C
 U+0047 U+0032 U+0036 <>  U+1315D
 U+0047 U+0032 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+1315E
 U+0047 U+0032 U+0037 <>  U+1315F
 U+0047 U+0032 U+0038 <>  U+13160
 U+0047 U+0032 U+0039 <>  U+13161
 U+0047 U+0033 U+0030 <>  U+13162
 U+0047 U+0033 U+0031 <>  U+13163
 U+0047 U+0033 U+0032 <>  U+13164
 U+0047 U+0033 U+0033 <>  U+13165
 U+0047 U+0033 U+0034 <>  U+13166
 U+0047 U+0033 U+0035 <>  U+13167
 U+0047 U+0033 U+0036 <>  U+13168
 U+0047 U+0033 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+13169
 U+0047 U+0033 U+0037 <>  U+1316A
 U+0047 U+0033 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+1316B
 U+0047 U+0033 U+0038 <>  U+1316C
 U+0047 U+0033 U+0039 <>  U+1316D
 U+0047 U+0034 U+0030 <>  U+1316E
 U+0047 U+0034 U+0031 <>  U+1316F
 U+0047 U+0034 U+0032 <>  U+13170
 U+0047 U+0034 U+0033 <>  U+13171
 U+0047 U+0034 U+0033 U+0041 <>  U+13172
 U+0047 U+0034 U+0034 <>  U+13173
 U+0047 U+0034 U+0035 <>  U+13174
 U+0047 U+0034 U+0035 U+0041 <>  U+13175
 U+0047 U+0034 U+0036 <>  U+13176
 U+0047 U+0034 U+0037 <>  U+13177
 U+0047 U+0034 U+0038 <>  U+13178
 U+0047 U+0034 U+0039 <>  U+13179
 U+0047 U+0035 U+0030 <>  U+1317A
 U+0047 U+0035 U+0031 <>  U+1317B
 U+0047 U+0035 U+0032 <>  U+1317C
 U+0047 U+0035 U+0033 <>  U+1317D
 U+0047 U+0035 U+0034 <>  U+1317E
 U+0048 U+0031 <>  U+1317F
 U+0048 U+0032 <>  U+13180
 U+0048 U+0033 <>  U+13181
 U+0048 U+0034 <>  U+13182
 U+0048 U+0035 <>  U+13183
 U+0048 U+0036 <>  U+13184
 U+0048 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+13185
 U+0048 U+0037 <>  U+13186
 U+0048 U+0038 <>  U+13187
 U+0049 U+0031 <>  U+13188
 U+0049 U+0032 <>  U+13189
 U+0049 U+0033 <>  U+1318A
 U+0049 U+0034 <>  U+1318B
 U+0049 U+0035 <>  U+1318C
 U+0049 U+0035 U+0041 <>  U+1318D
 U+0049 U+0036 <>  U+1318E
 U+0049 U+0037 <>  U+1318F
 U+0049 U+0038 <>  U+13190
 U+0049 U+0039 <>  U+13191
 U+0049 U+0039 U+0041 <>  U+13192
 U+0049 U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+13193
 U+0049 U+0031 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+13194
 U+0049 U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+13195
 U+0049 U+0031 U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+13196
 U+0049 U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+13197
 U+0049 U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+13198
 U+0049 U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+13199
 U+0049 U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+1319A
 U+004B U+0031 <>  U+1319B
 U+004B U+0032 <>  U+1319C
 U+004B U+0033 <>  U+1319D
 U+004B U+0034 <>  U+1319E
 U+004B U+0035 <>  U+1319F
 U+004B U+0036 <>  U+131A0
 U+004B U+0037 <>  U+131A1
 U+004B U+0038 <>  U+131A2
 U+004C U+0031 <>  U+131A3
 U+004C U+0032 <>  U+131A4
 U+004C U+0032 U+0041 <>  U+131A5
 U+004C U+0033 <>  U+131A6
 U+004C U+0034 <>  U+131A7
 U+004C U+0035 <>  U+131A8
 U+004C U+0036 <>  U+131A9
 U+004C U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+131AA
 U+004C U+0037 <>  U+131AB
 U+004C U+0038 <>  U+131AC
 U+004D U+0031 <>  U+131AD
 U+004D U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+131AE
 U+004D U+0031 U+0042 <>  U+131AF
 U+004D U+0032 <>  U+131B0
 U+004D U+0033 <>  U+131B1
 U+004D U+0033 U+0041 <>  U+131B2
 U+004D U+0034 <>  U+131B3
 U+004D U+0035 <>  U+131B4
 U+004D U+0036 <>  U+131B5
 U+004D U+0037 <>  U+131B6
 U+004D U+0038 <>  U+131B7
 U+004D U+0039 <>  U+131B8
 U+004D U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+131B9
 U+004D U+0031 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+131BA
 U+004D U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+131BB
 U+004D U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+131BC
 U+004D U+0031 U+0032 U+0041 <>  U+131BD
 U+004D U+0031 U+0032 U+0042 <>  U+131BE
 U+004D U+0031 U+0032 U+0043 <>  U+131BF
 U+004D U+0031 U+0032 U+0044 <>  U+131C0
 U+004D U+0031 U+0032 U+0045 <>  U+131C1
 U+004D U+0031 U+0032 U+0046 <>  U+131C2
 U+004D U+0031 U+0032 U+0047 <>  U+131C3
 U+004D U+0031 U+0032 U+0048 <>  U+131C4
 U+004D U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+131C5
 U+004D U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+131C6
 U+004D U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+131C7
 U+004D U+0031 U+0035 U+0041 <>  U+131C8
 U+004D U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+131C9
 U+004D U+0031 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+131CA
 U+004D U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+131CB
 U+004D U+0031 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+131CC
 U+004D U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+131CD
 U+004D U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+131CE
 U+004D U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+131CF
 U+004D U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+131D0
 U+004D U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+131D1
 U+004D U+0032 U+0032 U+0041 <>  U+131D2
 U+004D U+0032 U+0033 <>  U+131D3
 U+004D U+0032 U+0034 <>  U+131D4
 U+004D U+0032 U+0034 U+0041 <>  U+131D5
 U+004D U+0032 U+0035 <>  U+131D6
 U+004D U+0032 U+0036 <>  U+131D7
 U+004D U+0032 U+0037 <>  U+131D8
 U+004D U+0032 U+0038 <>  U+131D9
 U+004D U+0032 U+0038 U+0041 <>  U+131DA
 U+004D U+0032 U+0039 <>  U+131DB
 U+004D U+0033 U+0030 <>  U+131DC
 U+004D U+0033 U+0031 <>  U+131DD
 U+004D U+0033 U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+131DE
 U+004D U+0033 U+0032 <>  U+131DF
 U+004D U+0033 U+0033 <>  U+131E0
 U+004D U+0033 U+0033 U+0041 <>  U+131E1
 U+004D U+0033 U+0033 U+0042 <>  U+131E2
 U+004D U+0033 U+0034 <>  U+131E3
 U+004D U+0033 U+0035 <>  U+131E4
 U+004D U+0033 U+0036 <>  U+131E5
 U+004D U+0033 U+0037 <>  U+131E6
 U+004D U+0033 U+0038 <>  U+131E7
 U+004D U+0033 U+0039 <>  U+131E8
 U+004D U+0034 U+0030 <>  U+131E9
 U+004D U+0034 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+131EA
 U+004D U+0034 U+0031 <>  U+131EB
 U+004D U+0034 U+0032 <>  U+131EC
 U+004D U+0034 U+0033 <>  U+131ED
 U+004D U+0034 U+0034 <>  U+131EE
 U+004E U+0031 <>  U+131EF
 U+004E U+0032 <>  U+131F0
 U+004E U+0033 <>  U+131F1
 U+004E U+0034 <>  U+131F2
 U+004E U+0035 <>  U+131F3
 U+004E U+0036 <>  U+131F4
 U+004E U+0037 <>  U+131F5
 U+004E U+0038 <>  U+131F6
 U+004E U+0039 <>  U+131F7
 U+004E U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+131F8
 U+004E U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+131F9
 U+004E U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+131FA
 U+004E U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+131FB
 U+004E U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+131FC
 U+004E U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+131FD
 U+004E U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+131FE
 U+004E U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+131FF
  • The mapping file has been truncated (30k char limit on answers). tex.stackexchange.com/questions/346630/… has the full file (manually compressed with character replacement to fit under 30k), and information on how to restore it. – Cicada Sep 8 '19 at 7:31

MAP file (part 2 of 2)

U+004E U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+13200
 U+004E U+0031 U+0038 U+0041 <>  U+13201
 U+004E U+0031 U+0038 U+0042 <>  U+13202
 U+004E U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+13203
 U+004E U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+13204
 U+004E U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+13205
 U+004E U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+13206
 U+004E U+0032 U+0033 <>  U+13207
 U+004E U+0032 U+0034 <>  U+13208
 U+004E U+0032 U+0035 <>  U+13209
 U+004E U+0032 U+0035 U+0041 <>  U+1320A
 U+004E U+0032 U+0036 <>  U+1320B
 U+004E U+0032 U+0037 <>  U+1320C
 U+004E U+0032 U+0038 <>  U+1320D
 U+004E U+0032 U+0039 <>  U+1320E
 U+004E U+0033 U+0030 <>  U+1320F
 U+004E U+0033 U+0031 <>  U+13210
 U+004E U+0033 U+0032 <>  U+13211
 U+004E U+0033 U+0033 <>  U+13212
 U+004E U+0033 U+0033 U+0041 <>  U+13213
 U+004E U+0033 U+0034 <>  U+13214
 U+004E U+0033 U+0034 U+0041 <>  U+13215
 U+004E U+0033 U+0035 <>  U+13216
 U+004E U+0033 U+0035 U+0041 <>  U+13217
 U+004E U+0033 U+0036 <>  U+13218
 U+004E U+0033 U+0037 <>  U+13219
 U+004E U+0033 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+1321A
 U+004E U+0033 U+0038 <>  U+1321B
 U+004E U+0033 U+0039 <>  U+1321C
 U+004E U+0034 U+0030 <>  U+1321D
 U+004E U+0034 U+0031 <>  U+1321E
 U+004E U+0034 U+0032 <>  U+1321F
 U+004E U+004C U+0031 <>  U+13220
 U+004E U+004C U+0032 <>  U+13221
 U+004E U+004C U+0033 <>  U+13222
 U+004E U+004C U+0034 <>  U+13223
 U+004E U+004C U+0035 <>  U+13224
 U+004E U+004C U+0035 U+0041 <>  U+13225
 U+004E U+004C U+0036 <>  U+13226
 U+004E U+004C U+0037 <>  U+13227
 U+004E U+004C U+0038 <>  U+13228
 U+004E U+004C U+0039 <>  U+13229
 U+004E U+004C U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+1322A
 U+004E U+004C U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+1322B
 U+004E U+004C U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+1322C
 U+004E U+004C U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+1322D
 U+004E U+004C U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+1322E
 U+004E U+004C U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+1322F
 U+004E U+004C U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+13230
 U+004E U+004C U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+13231
 U+004E U+004C U+0031 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+13232
 U+004E U+004C U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+13233
 U+004E U+004C U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+13234
 U+004E U+004C U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+13235
 U+004E U+0055 U+0031 <>  U+13236
 U+004E U+0055 U+0032 <>  U+13237
 U+004E U+0055 U+0033 <>  U+13238
 U+004E U+0055 U+0034 <>  U+13239
 U+004E U+0055 U+0035 <>  U+1323A
 U+004E U+0055 U+0036 <>  U+1323B
 U+004E U+0055 U+0037 <>  U+1323C
 U+004E U+0055 U+0038 <>  U+1323D
 U+004E U+0055 U+0039 <>  U+1323E
 U+004E U+0055 U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+1323F
 U+004E U+0055 U+0031 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+13240
 U+004E U+0055 U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+13241
 U+004E U+0055 U+0031 U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+13242
 U+004E U+0055 U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+13243
 U+004E U+0055 U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+13244
 U+004E U+0055 U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+13245
 U+004E U+0055 U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+13246
 U+004E U+0055 U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+13247
 U+004E U+0055 U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+13248
 U+004E U+0055 U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+13249
 U+004E U+0055 U+0031 U+0038 U+0041 <>  U+1324A
 U+004E U+0055 U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+1324B
 U+004E U+0055 U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+1324C
 U+004E U+0055 U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+1324D
 U+004E U+0055 U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+1324E
 U+004E U+0055 U+0032 U+0032 U+0041 <>  U+1324F
 U+004F U+0031 <>  U+13250
 U+004F U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+13251
 U+004F U+0032 <>  U+13252
 U+004F U+0033 <>  U+13253
 U+004F U+0034 <>  U+13254
 U+004F U+0035 <>  U+13255
 U+004F U+0035 U+0041 <>  U+13256
 U+004F U+0036 <>  U+13257
 U+004F U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+13258
 U+004F U+0036 U+0042 <>  U+13259
 U+004F U+0036 U+0043 <>  U+1325A
 U+004F U+0036 U+0044 <>  U+1325B
 U+004F U+0036 U+0045 <>  U+1325C
 U+004F U+0036 U+0046 <>  U+1325D
 U+004F U+0037 <>  U+1325E
 U+004F U+0038 <>  U+1325F
 U+004F U+0039 <>  U+13260
 U+004F U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+13261
 U+004F U+0031 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+13262
 U+004F U+0031 U+0030 U+0042 <>  U+13263
 U+004F U+0031 U+0030 U+0043 <>  U+13264
 U+004F U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+13265
 U+004F U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+13266
 U+004F U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+13267
 U+004F U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+13268
 U+004F U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+13269
 U+004F U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+1326A
 U+004F U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+1326B
 U+004F U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+1326C
 U+004F U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+1326D
 U+004F U+0031 U+0039 U+0041 <>  U+1326E
 U+004F U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+1326F
 U+004F U+0032 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+13270
 U+004F U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+13271
 U+004F U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+13272
 U+004F U+0032 U+0033 <>  U+13273
 U+004F U+0032 U+0034 <>  U+13274
 U+004F U+0032 U+0034 U+0041 <>  U+13275
 U+004F U+0032 U+0035 <>  U+13276
 U+004F U+0032 U+0035 U+0041 <>  U+13277
 U+004F U+0032 U+0036 <>  U+13278
 U+004F U+0032 U+0037 <>  U+13279
 U+004F U+0032 U+0038 <>  U+1327A
 U+004F U+0032 U+0039 <>  U+1327B
 U+004F U+0032 U+0039 U+0041 <>  U+1327C
 U+004F U+0033 U+0030 <>  U+1327D
 U+004F U+0033 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+1327E
 U+004F U+0033 U+0031 <>  U+1327F
 U+004F U+0033 U+0032 <>  U+13280
 U+004F U+0033 U+0033 <>  U+13281
 U+004F U+0033 U+0033 U+0041 <>  U+13282
 U+004F U+0033 U+0034 <>  U+13283
 U+004F U+0033 U+0035 <>  U+13284
 U+004F U+0033 U+0036 <>  U+13285
 U+004F U+0033 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+13286
 U+004F U+0033 U+0036 U+0042 <>  U+13287
 U+004F U+0033 U+0036 U+0043 <>  U+13288
 U+004F U+0033 U+0036 U+0044 <>  U+13289
 U+004F U+0033 U+0037 <>  U+1328A
 U+004F U+0033 U+0038 <>  U+1328B
 U+004F U+0033 U+0039 <>  U+1328C
 U+004F U+0034 U+0030 <>  U+1328D
 U+004F U+0034 U+0031 <>  U+1328E
 U+004F U+0034 U+0032 <>  U+1328F
 U+004F U+0034 U+0033 <>  U+13290
 U+004F U+0034 U+0034 <>  U+13291
 U+004F U+0034 U+0035 <>  U+13292
 U+004F U+0034 U+0036 <>  U+13293
 U+004F U+0034 U+0037 <>  U+13294
 U+004F U+0034 U+0038 <>  U+13295
 U+004F U+0034 U+0039 <>  U+13296
 U+004F U+0035 U+0030 <>  U+13297
 U+004F U+0035 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+13298
 U+004F U+0035 U+0030 U+0042 <>  U+13299
 U+004F U+0035 U+0031 <>  U+1329A
 U+0050 U+0031 <>  U+1329B
 U+0050 U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+1329C
 U+0050 U+0032 <>  U+1329D
 U+0050 U+0033 <>  U+1329E
 U+0050 U+0033 U+0041 <>  U+1329F
 U+0050 U+0034 <>  U+132A0
 U+0050 U+0035 <>  U+132A1
 U+0050 U+0036 <>  U+132A2
 U+0050 U+0037 <>  U+132A3
 U+0050 U+0038 <>  U+132A4
 U+0050 U+0039 <>  U+132A5
 U+0050 U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+132A6
 U+0050 U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+132A7
 U+0051 U+0031 <>  U+132A8
 U+0051 U+0032 <>  U+132A9
 U+0051 U+0033 <>  U+132AA
 U+0051 U+0034 <>  U+132AB
 U+0051 U+0035 <>  U+132AC
 U+0051 U+0036 <>  U+132AD
 U+0051 U+0037 <>  U+132AE
 U+0052 U+0031 <>  U+132AF
 U+0052 U+0032 <>  U+132B0
 U+0052 U+0032 U+0041 <>  U+132B1
 U+0052 U+0033 <>  U+132B2
 U+0052 U+0033 U+0041 <>  U+132B3
 U+0052 U+0033 U+0042 <>  U+132B4
 U+0052 U+0034 <>  U+132B5
 U+0052 U+0035 <>  U+132B6
 U+0052 U+0036 <>  U+132B7
 U+0052 U+0037 <>  U+132B8
 U+0052 U+0038 <>  U+132B9
 U+0052 U+0039 <>  U+132BA
 U+0052 U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+132BB
 U+0052 U+0031 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+132BC
 U+0052 U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+132BD
 U+0052 U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+132BE
 U+0052 U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+132BF
 U+0052 U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+132C0
 U+0052 U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+132C1
 U+0052 U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+132C2
 U+0052 U+0031 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+132C3
 U+0052 U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+132C4
 U+0052 U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+132C5
 U+0052 U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+132C6
 U+0052 U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+132C7
 U+0052 U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+132C8
 U+0052 U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+132C9
 U+0052 U+0032 U+0033 <>  U+132CA
 U+0052 U+0032 U+0034 <>  U+132CB
 U+0052 U+0032 U+0035 <>  U+132CC
 U+0052 U+0032 U+0036 <>  U+132CD
 U+0052 U+0032 U+0037 <>  U+132CE
 U+0052 U+0032 U+0038 <>  U+132CF
 U+0052 U+0032 U+0039 <>  U+132D0
 U+0053 U+0031 <>  U+132D1
 U+0053 U+0032 <>  U+132D2
 U+0053 U+0032 U+0041 <>  U+132D3
 U+0053 U+0033 <>  U+132D4
 U+0053 U+0034 <>  U+132D5
 U+0053 U+0035 <>  U+132D6
 U+0053 U+0036 <>  U+132D7
 U+0053 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+132D8
 U+0053 U+0037 <>  U+132D9
 U+0053 U+0038 <>  U+132DA
 U+0053 U+0039 <>  U+132DB
 U+0053 U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+132DC
 U+0053 U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+132DD
 U+0053 U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+132DE
 U+0053 U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+132DF
 U+0053 U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+132E0
 U+0053 U+0031 U+0034 U+0041 <>  U+132E1
 U+0053 U+0031 U+0034 U+0042 <>  U+132E2
 U+0053 U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+132E3
 U+0053 U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+132E4
 U+0053 U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+132E5
 U+0053 U+0031 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+132E6
 U+0053 U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+132E7
 U+0053 U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+132E8
 U+0053 U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+132E9
 U+0053 U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+132EA
 U+0053 U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+132EB
 U+0053 U+0032 U+0033 <>  U+132EC
 U+0053 U+0032 U+0034 <>  U+132ED
 U+0053 U+0032 U+0035 <>  U+132EE
 U+0053 U+0032 U+0036 <>  U+132EF
 U+0053 U+0032 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+132F0
 U+0053 U+0032 U+0036 U+0042 <>  U+132F1
 U+0053 U+0032 U+0037 <>  U+132F2
 U+0053 U+0032 U+0038 <>  U+132F3
 U+0053 U+0032 U+0039 <>  U+132F4
 U+0053 U+0033 U+0030 <>  U+132F5
 U+0053 U+0033 U+0031 <>  U+132F6
 U+0053 U+0033 U+0032 <>  U+132F7
 U+0053 U+0033 U+0033 <>  U+132F8
 U+0053 U+0033 U+0034 <>  U+132F9
 U+0053 U+0033 U+0035 <>  U+132FA
 U+0053 U+0033 U+0035 U+0041 <>  U+132FB
 U+0053 U+0033 U+0036 <>  U+132FC
 U+0053 U+0033 U+0037 <>  U+132FD
 U+0053 U+0033 U+0038 <>  U+132FE
 U+0053 U+0033 U+0039 <>  U+132FF
 U+0053 U+0034 U+0030 <>  U+13300
 U+0053 U+0034 U+0031 <>  U+13301
 U+0053 U+0034 U+0032 <>  U+13302
 U+0053 U+0034 U+0033 <>  U+13303
 U+0053 U+0034 U+0034 <>  U+13304
 U+0053 U+0034 U+0035 <>  U+13305
 U+0053 U+0034 U+0036 <>  U+13306
 U+0054 U+0031 <>  U+13307
 U+0054 U+0032 <>  U+13308
 U+0054 U+0033 <>  U+13309
 U+0054 U+0033 U+0041 <>  U+1330A
 U+0054 U+0034 <>  U+1330B
 U+0054 U+0035 <>  U+1330C
 U+0054 U+0036 <>  U+1330D
 U+0054 U+0037 <>  U+1330E
 U+0054 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+1330F
 U+0054 U+0038 <>  U+13310
 U+0054 U+0038 U+0041 <>  U+13311
 U+0054 U+0039 <>  U+13312
 U+0054 U+0039 U+0041 <>  U+13313
 U+0054 U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+13314
 U+0054 U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+13315
 U+0054 U+0031 U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+13316
 U+0054 U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+13317
 U+0054 U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+13318
 U+0054 U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+13319
 U+0054 U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+1331A
 U+0054 U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+1331B
 U+0054 U+0031 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+1331C
 U+0054 U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+1331D
 U+0054 U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+1331E
 U+0054 U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+1331F
 U+0054 U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+13320
 U+0054 U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+13321
 U+0054 U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+13322
 U+0054 U+0032 U+0033 <>  U+13323
 U+0054 U+0032 U+0034 <>  U+13324
 U+0054 U+0032 U+0035 <>  U+13325
 U+0054 U+0032 U+0036 <>  U+13326
 U+0054 U+0032 U+0037 <>  U+13327
 U+0054 U+0032 U+0038 <>  U+13328
 U+0054 U+0032 U+0039 <>  U+13329
 U+0054 U+0033 U+0030 <>  U+1332A
 U+0054 U+0033 U+0031 <>  U+1332B
 U+0054 U+0033 U+0032 <>  U+1332C
 U+0054 U+0033 U+0032 U+0041 <>  U+1332D
 U+0054 U+0033 U+0033 <>  U+1332E
 U+0054 U+0033 U+0033 U+0041 <>  U+1332F
 U+0054 U+0033 U+0034 <>  U+13330
 U+0054 U+0033 U+0035 <>  U+13331
 U+0054 U+0033 U+0036 <>  U+13332
 U+0055 U+0031 <>  U+13333
 U+0055 U+0032 <>  U+13334
 U+0055 U+0033 <>  U+13335
 U+0055 U+0034 <>  U+13336
 U+0055 U+0035 <>  U+13337
 U+0055 U+0036 <>  U+13338
 U+0055 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+13339
 U+0055 U+0036 U+0042 <>  U+1333A
 U+0055 U+0037 <>  U+1333B
 U+0055 U+0038 <>  U+1333C
 U+0055 U+0039 <>  U+1333D
 U+0055 U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+1333E
 U+0055 U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+1333F
 U+0055 U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+13340
 U+0055 U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+13341
 U+0055 U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+13342
 U+0055 U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+13343
 U+0055 U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+13344
 U+0055 U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+13345
 U+0055 U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+13346
 U+0055 U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+13347
 U+0055 U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+13348
 U+0055 U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+13349
 U+0055 U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+1334A
 U+0055 U+0032 U+0033 <>  U+1334B
 U+0055 U+0032 U+0033 U+0041 <>  U+1334C
 U+0055 U+0032 U+0034 <>  U+1334D
 U+0055 U+0032 U+0035 <>  U+1334E
 U+0055 U+0032 U+0036 <>  U+1334F
 U+0055 U+0032 U+0037 <>  U+13350
 U+0055 U+0032 U+0038 <>  U+13351
 U+0055 U+0032 U+0039 <>  U+13352
 U+0055 U+0032 U+0039 U+0041 <>  U+13353
 U+0055 U+0033 U+0030 <>  U+13354
 U+0055 U+0033 U+0031 <>  U+13355
 U+0055 U+0033 U+0032 <>  U+13356
 U+0055 U+0033 U+0032 U+0041 <>  U+13357
 U+0055 U+0033 U+0033 <>  U+13358
 U+0055 U+0033 U+0034 <>  U+13359
 U+0055 U+0033 U+0035 <>  U+1335A
 U+0055 U+0033 U+0036 <>  U+1335B
 U+0055 U+0033 U+0037 <>  U+1335C
 U+0055 U+0033 U+0038 <>  U+1335D
 U+0055 U+0033 U+0039 <>  U+1335E
 U+0055 U+0034 U+0030 <>  U+1335F
 U+0055 U+0034 U+0031 <>  U+13360
 U+0055 U+0034 U+0032 <>  U+13361
 U+0056 U+0031 <>  U+13362
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+13363
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0042 <>  U+13364
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0043 <>  U+13365
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0044 <>  U+13366
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0045 <>  U+13367
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0046 <>  U+13368
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0047 <>  U+13369
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0048 <>  U+1336A
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0049 <>  U+1336B
 U+0056 U+0032 <>  U+1336C
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0041 <>  U+1336D
 U+0056 U+0033 <>  U+1336E
 U+0056 U+0034 <>  U+1336F
 U+0056 U+0035 <>  U+13370
 U+0056 U+0036 <>  U+13371
 U+0056 U+0037 <>  U+13372
 U+0056 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+13373
 U+0056 U+0037 U+0042 <>  U+13374
 U+0056 U+0038 <>  U+13375
 U+0056 U+0039 <>  U+13376
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+13377
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+13378
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+13379
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0031 U+0042 <>  U+1337A
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0031 U+0043 <>  U+1337B
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+1337C
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0032 U+0041 <>  U+1337D
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0032 U+0042 <>  U+1337E
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+1337F
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+13380
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+13381
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+13382
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+13383
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+13384
 U+0056 U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+13385
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+13386
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+13387
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0030 U+0042 <>  U+13388
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0030 U+0043 <>  U+13389
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0030 U+0044 <>  U+1338A
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0030 U+0045 <>  U+1338B
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0030 U+0046 <>  U+1338C
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0030 U+0047 <>  U+1338D
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0030 U+0048 <>  U+1338E
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0030 U+0049 <>  U+1338F
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0030 U+004A <>  U+13390
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0030 U+004B <>  U+13391
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0030 U+004C <>  U+13392
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+13393
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+13394
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0033 <>  U+13395
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0033 U+0041 <>  U+13396
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0034 <>  U+13397
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0035 <>  U+13398
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0036 <>  U+13399
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0037 <>  U+1339A
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0038 <>  U+1339B
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0038 U+0041 <>  U+1339C
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0039 <>  U+1339D
 U+0056 U+0032 U+0039 U+0041 <>  U+1339E
 U+0056 U+0033 U+0030 <>  U+1339F
 U+0056 U+0033 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+133A0
 U+0056 U+0033 U+0031 <>  U+133A1
 U+0056 U+0033 U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+133A2
 U+0056 U+0033 U+0032 <>  U+133A3
 U+0056 U+0033 U+0033 <>  U+133A4
 U+0056 U+0033 U+0033 U+0041 <>  U+133A5
 U+0056 U+0033 U+0034 <>  U+133A6
 U+0056 U+0033 U+0035 <>  U+133A7
 U+0056 U+0033 U+0036 <>  U+133A8
 U+0056 U+0033 U+0037 <>  U+133A9
 U+0056 U+0033 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+133AA
 U+0056 U+0033 U+0038 <>  U+133AB
 U+0056 U+0033 U+0039 <>  U+133AC
 U+0056 U+0034 U+0030 <>  U+133AD
 U+0056 U+0034 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+133AE
 U+0057 U+0031 <>  U+133AF
 U+0057 U+0032 <>  U+133B0
 U+0057 U+0033 <>  U+133B1
 U+0057 U+0033 U+0041 <>  U+133B2
 U+0057 U+0034 <>  U+133B3
 U+0057 U+0035 <>  U+133B4
 U+0057 U+0036 <>  U+133B5
 U+0057 U+0037 <>  U+133B6
 U+0057 U+0038 <>  U+133B7
 U+0057 U+0039 <>  U+133B8
 U+0057 U+0039 U+0041 <>  U+133B9
 U+0057 U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+133BA
 U+0057 U+0031 U+0030 U+0041 <>  U+133BB
 U+0057 U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+133BC
 U+0057 U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+133BD
 U+0057 U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+133BE
 U+0057 U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+133BF
 U+0057 U+0031 U+0034 U+0041 <>  U+133C0
 U+0057 U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+133C1
 U+0057 U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+133C2
 U+0057 U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+133C3
 U+0057 U+0031 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+133C4
 U+0057 U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+133C5
 U+0057 U+0031 U+0038 U+0041 <>  U+133C6
 U+0057 U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+133C7
 U+0057 U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+133C8
 U+0057 U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+133C9
 U+0057 U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+133CA
 U+0057 U+0032 U+0033 <>  U+133CB
 U+0057 U+0032 U+0034 <>  U+133CC
 U+0057 U+0032 U+0034 U+0041 <>  U+133CD
 U+0057 U+0032 U+0035 <>  U+133CE
 U+0058 U+0031 <>  U+133CF
 U+0058 U+0032 <>  U+133D0
 U+0058 U+0033 <>  U+133D1
 U+0058 U+0034 <>  U+133D2
 U+0058 U+0034 U+0041 <>  U+133D3
 U+0058 U+0034 U+0042 <>  U+133D4
 U+0058 U+0035 <>  U+133D5
 U+0058 U+0036 <>  U+133D6
 U+0058 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+133D7
 U+0058 U+0037 <>  U+133D8
 U+0058 U+0038 <>  U+133D9
 U+0058 U+0038 U+0041 <>  U+133DA
 U+0059 U+0031 <>  U+133DB
 U+0059 U+0031 U+0041 <>  U+133DC
 U+0059 U+0032 <>  U+133DD
 U+0059 U+0033 <>  U+133DE
 U+0059 U+0034 <>  U+133DF
 U+0059 U+0035 <>  U+133E0
 U+0059 U+0036 <>  U+133E1
 U+0059 U+0037 <>  U+133E2
 U+0059 U+0038 <>  U+133E3
 U+005A U+0031 <>  U+133E4
 U+005A U+0032 <>  U+133E5
 U+005A U+0032 U+0041 <>  U+133E6
 U+005A U+0032 U+0042 <>  U+133E7
 U+005A U+0032 U+0043 <>  U+133E8
 U+005A U+0032 U+0044 <>  U+133E9
 U+005A U+0033 <>  U+133EA
 U+005A U+0033 U+0041 <>  U+133EB
 U+005A U+0033 U+0042 <>  U+133EC
 U+005A U+0034 <>  U+133ED
 U+005A U+0034 U+0041 <>  U+133EE
 U+005A U+0035 <>  U+133EF
 U+005A U+0035 U+0041 <>  U+133F0
 U+005A U+0036 <>  U+133F1
 U+005A U+0037 <>  U+133F2
 U+005A U+0038 <>  U+133F3
 U+005A U+0039 <>  U+133F4
 U+005A U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+133F5
 U+005A U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+133F6
 U+005A U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+133F7
 U+005A U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+133F8
 U+005A U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+133F9
 U+005A U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+133FA
 U+005A U+0031 U+0035 U+0041 <>  U+133FB
 U+005A U+0031 U+0035 U+0042 <>  U+133FC
 U+005A U+0031 U+0035 U+0043 <>  U+133FD
 U+005A U+0031 U+0035 U+0044 <>  U+133FE
 U+005A U+0031 U+0035 U+0045 <>  U+133FF
 U+005A U+0031 U+0035 U+0046 <>  U+13400
 U+005A U+0031 U+0035 U+0047 <>  U+13401
 U+005A U+0031 U+0035 U+0048 <>  U+13402
 U+005A U+0031 U+0035 U+0049 <>  U+13403
 U+005A U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+13404
 U+005A U+0031 U+0036 U+0041 <>  U+13405
 U+005A U+0031 U+0036 U+0042 <>  U+13406
 U+005A U+0031 U+0036 U+0043 <>  U+13407
 U+005A U+0031 U+0036 U+0044 <>  U+13408
 U+005A U+0031 U+0036 U+0045 <>  U+13409
 U+005A U+0031 U+0036 U+0046 <>  U+1340A
 U+005A U+0031 U+0036 U+0047 <>  U+1340B
 U+005A U+0031 U+0036 U+0048 <>  U+1340C
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0031 <>  U+1340D
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0032 <>  U+1340E
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0033 <>  U+1340F
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0034 <>  U+13410
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0035 <>  U+13411
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0036 <>  U+13412
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0037 <>  U+13413
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0037 U+0041 <>  U+13414
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0037 U+0042 <>  U+13415
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0038 <>  U+13416
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0039 <>  U+13417
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0031 U+0030 <>  U+13418
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0031 U+0031 <>  U+13419
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0031 U+0032 <>  U+1341A
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0031 U+0033 <>  U+1341B
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0031 U+0034 <>  U+1341C
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0031 U+0035 <>  U+1341D
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0031 U+0036 <>  U+1341E
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0031 U+0037 <>  U+1341F
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0031 U+0038 <>  U+13420
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0031 U+0039 <>  U+13421
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0032 U+0030 <>  U+13422
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0032 U+0031 <>  U+13423
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0032 U+0032 <>  U+13424
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0032 U+0033 <>  U+13425
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0032 U+0034 <>  U+13426
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0032 U+0035 <>  U+13427
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0032 U+0036 <>  U+13428
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0032 U+0037 <>  U+13429
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0032 U+0038 <>  U+1342A
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0032 U+0039 <>  U+1342B
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0033 U+0030 <>  U+1342C
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0033 U+0031 <>  U+1342D
 U+0041 U+0041 U+0033 U+0032 <>  U+1342E

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