I would like to reference to a section. The section named as "My Section" and has the lable "sec:my-section"

In default use cases I use \ref or \nameref to reference to the section. With \nameref Latex print out the section name like "My Section". But now I need a command like the HTML a Tag to reference to the section "My Section" but as an other name, as example "First Topic".

Here are my example

\section{My Section}
Lorem impsum... \nameref{sec:my-section}{First Topic}


<a href="www.google.de">Google</a>

Has Latex a package or a function to rename a link?



I guess you are looking for \hyperref[sec:my-section]{First Topic}

Full MWE:



\section{My Section}

Lorem impsum... \hyperref[sec:my-section]{First Topic}

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