Using the fancy style, if my section title is longer than one line, cvitems (as well as cvdoubleitems) have additional vertical space after the first item. This seems to depend on the "height" of the section title.



\email{[email protected]}



\section{section title spanning more than one line}
\cvitem{some entry, doesn't really matter}{doesn't matter either}
\cvitem{some second entry, doesn't really matter}{doesn't matter either}
\cvitem{third entry, doesn't really matter}{doesn't matter either}

\section{section title spanning more than one line, again}
\cvdoubleitem{some entry,}{doesn't really matter}{doesn't matter}{ either}
\cvdoubleitem{some second entry,}{ doesn't really matter}{doesn't}{ matter either}
\cvdoubleitem{third entry, doesn't}{ really matter}{doesn't matter}{ either}


I want the same vertical space between the first and the second item as I get between the second and the third. Using \vspace to create "negative vertical space" didn't work, and neither did putting negative units as the optional argument in \cvitem (e.g. \cvitem[-15pt]{...} ).

Is there a way to achieve what I want? Thanks for your help!

Edit: A similar question has been asked before, but the answers aren't promising: Spacing in moderncv fancy theme with multiple line captions

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Well, the fancy style of moderncv is designed to have only a short, a very short section, not a longer one.

Therefore the short answer is simple: no, with style fancy it is not possible what you want.

A little bit longer:
To realize what you want the style has to be completly rewritten to include sections and cvitems in a table. That is a lot of work and results at last in writting a complete new style.

Better use the other styles classic or casual if you need longer sections.

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