In page 181 of texdoc memoir,

The marginfigure and margintable environments can of course be adjusted using \setfloatadjustment, default


The default alignment is \centering. I want to justify the text of a margintable. But I don't know what the command for explicit justification, so I tried the following


Of course that is only flushed to the left, with a ragged right edge. How do I justify the text inside a margintable environment of the memoir class?


Use the ragged2e package and its \justifying macro.

EDIT: I should have guessed that memoir provides its own macro for the task: \flushleftright.


% Variant A
% \usepackage{ragged2e}
% \setfloatadjustment{marginfigure}{\justifying}

% Variant B






enter image description here

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    it's nice to know that this can be done, but ragged was almost certainly used for a reason. just compare the appearance of the main text and the margin block, and you'll understand why. if your content really does naturally come out with good spacing in a justified environment, go with it, but look at the output with a critical eye before "freezing" it. that may mean resetting individual margin blocks selectively. – barbara beeton Dec 11 '11 at 13:32

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