I beg your pardon if I make some mistakes, I'm fully new here. I'm trying to do a presentation with Beamer about syntactic structures and I need to draw two trees. The second tree (which begins with ForceP) is a kind of zoom/split of a section of the first tree. I also need to link them with an arrow.

I've done it with two trees (drawn with forest) and a separate arrow with tikzpicture. Do you know how I can get it more precise? Perhaps using some anchors, tikzmark or labels in the trees? Thanks a lot!


%------- CODIFICA ------------------------------------
%---- LINGUISTICA -----------------------------------

 for children={no edge,replace by={[,append,
 delay={content/.wrap pgfmath arg={\csname @alph\endcsname{##1}.}{n()+##1}}
[CP,tikz={\node [draw,red,fit=()(!1)(AB)] {};}
[SpecCP] [C' [C$_0$] [IP,name=AB [SpecIP] [I' [I$_0$] [VP [,roof]]]]]]

[ForceP,tikz={\node [draw,red,fit to=tree] {};}
[Force' [Force$_0$] 
[\ldots [FinP [SpecFin] 
[Fin' [Fin$_0$] [IP [,roof]]]
\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture, overlay]
 \draw [-Latex, red] (2.80,5) [out=75, in=230]to (5.9,4);

Here my result

  • You don't seem to be using the xlist style? – cfr Jul 11 '17 at 19:14
  • When you say 'more precise', what are you looking to do exactly? You could draw the two trees as one, by using a phantom root. This can be done with forest alone. (Well, of course, it is using tikz and so on, but I mean that you don't need anything additional.) – cfr Jul 11 '17 at 19:28

The simplest solution may be to use a phantom root and draw both trees as one.

\begin{frame}{Two in One}
    [, phantom, for children={fit=band}, s sep'+=20pt
      [CP, name=CP
          [IP, name=AB
      [ForceP, tikz+={
        \node (fit1) [draw, red, fit to={name=CP,1,name=AB}] {};
        \node (fit2) [draw, red, fit to=tree] {};
        \draw [-Latex, red] (fit1.east) [out=75, in=230]to (fit2.west);

two in one

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