I am using the following document class to write a thesis for my university. Everything is provided as a template and, if possible, I wouldn't want to change much to avoid changing standard formatting.


At the end of some chapters, not all of them, I get, a non-blank blank page. Let me explain. I get a page with header and footer and only one symbol on it that looks like a capital I.

Non-blank blank page

I have tried to see what is done differently between the chapters where I get this blank page and those which are ok and I cannot find any differences.

Has this happened to anyone before in this manner? Can anyone advise me on how to solve it? I have found questions regarding entirely blank pages for the book class because of page numbering but nothing exactly like this.

  • I think these blank pages related to end of chapter in right page of the 'book' and so are automatically added to let the new chapter begin on a right page. – koleygr Jul 12 '17 at 7:29
  • Welcome to TeX.SX! You can have a look at our starter guide to familiarize yourself further with our format. – CarLaTeX Jul 12 '17 at 7:34
  • 1
    That looks like an error somewhere in some code you have not shown, but you would need to post a small example document that produced such a page. – David Carlisle Jul 12 '17 at 7:51
  • If your template has a documentation check for something like an "intentionally left blank page" or similar. Some people like those pages, maybe the template creator was one of them. – TeXnician Jul 12 '17 at 9:23
  • Problem solved. While editing to provide a MWE I stumbled upon a (very stupid) error. – Jose E. Jul 13 '17 at 6:41

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