I'm working with this beamer template: https://www.overleaf.com/10300591bjdrrvvnhwhd#/38204546/

I would like to change the university logo and name in the top left corner but I can't find an option to achieve this goal. The only options in phil-pdflatex.tex are these:

%% These macros specify information about the presentation
\title{Presentation Title} %% that will be typeset on the
\subtitle{Presentation Subtitle} %% title page.
\author{Author's Name}

Moreover, there is a logo folder in /fibeamer/logo/mu that contains two pdf files completely blank.

How can I change the university logo and name?


The name is part of the image and fibeamer-mu-phil-english.pdf is not completly blank, it's the white logo with a transparent background. If viewed on top of a coloured area, you will see:

enter image description here

So to change the logo and the name, replace the .pdf file or specify your own image via


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