I'm new to LaTeX macros and am hoping to create a command that definitions a function called "definition". When I use \definition{}, it would automatically format whatever is in {} to be bold, on a new line, and followed by colon. So it would look like this:

So it would look like this:

definition 1: blah blah blah

definition 2: blah blah blah

definition 3: blah blah blah

And then would there be a way to list all of the definitions at the end of the doc by calling on \definition{}?



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You need to use environ package to define a new listing environment in the way you want. In the preamble use the following syntax:

\NewEnviron{definition}[Numer of Inputs][Default Option]
    \begin{enumerate}[\textbf{#1} \bfseries #2:]

You can then use the syntax: \begin{definition}[Your Definition]{Numbering Format} to begin an environment.

Note that Default Option defines the first option (#1) in the definition above and if you used \begin{definition}{numbering format} and the predefined code above will put "Default Option" for the name of listing.

Here is the full code:




    \begin{enumerate}[\textbf{#1} \bfseries #2:]


\begin{definition}[Custom Definition]{1}
    \item First entry
    \item Second entry
    \item Third entry


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