I am for some reason getting an warning when i try to load the package minted in sharelatex.

The warning is

Command \@parboxrestore has changed.

Package fvextra Warning: csquotes should be loaded after fvextra, to avoid a warning from the lineno package on input line 37.

I am not sure how i should interpret this?.. I've been very picky with my error messages, and trying avoid all kind of error messages, so why am I getting this warning when using minted in sharelatex, and how do i get rid of it?

Here is my preamble.tex


% ------- Enable UTF8 characters ------- %



\usepackage{commath} % Added by Me - Used for norm
\usepackage{smartdiagram} % Added by Me - Smartdiagram 
\usepackage{glossaries} % Added by Me - Glossary
%-------------- Glossary -----------------%
% ------------ Code Listing ------------- %


% ------- Page layout ------- %
\usepackage{hyperref} % clickable references

% ------- Images ------- %



%\usepackage[numbers]{natbib} %Natbib supports both [i] and Author (year) citation styles. \citet and \citep replace \cite.



% Test

\newcommand{\mx}[1]{\mathbf{\bm{#1}}} % Matrix command
\newcommand{\vc}[1]{\mathbf{\bm{#1}}} % Vector command
\tikzstyle{pinkbox}=[draw,rounded corners,shade,top color=white,bottom color=pink,
                     minimum width=3.5cm,minimum height=1cm,align=center,node distance=1.5cm]
\tikzstyle{inter arrow}=[->,ultra thick,-{Triangle[angle=45:8pt]}]  
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    Well, you're loading csquotes before minted (which in turn loads fvextra). Change the loading order. By the way, hyperref should be loaded last.
    – egreg
    Jul 15, 2017 at 18:36

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The fvextra package is loaded by minted, so you should load minted before csquotes.

Another thing you should do is loading hyperref last: very few packages should come later than this one and you are loading none of them.

Side note: commath is a very buggy package


If I got your problem right, then you are searching for a solution for pasting 'Python code highlighted into a latech document' which can be copied out of the PDF later on.

As I could not get the minted package to work properly today (Windows, MiKTeX, TeXstudio), I found a different answer in this thread. Take the answer of @redmode.

The featured solution is lightweigt using environments leaving out 'extra packages' (=> no update-version-constraints). Therefore it feels better (to me) anyways. ;-)

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    This seems better-suited as a comment, as it just suggests a different solution on this site. If this is the solution, then this question should be closed as a duplicate.
    – Werner
    May 27, 2021 at 15:57

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