I have a document composed with svjour3 template.


And I am trying to apply different font size for my table as it is very huge and does not fit into the page. I have tried different approaches, but table's font size remains the same (as all text in the paper):

I have tried {\fontsize{9}{11}\selectfont

\caption{My caption}

I have tried \small


I have tried \footnotesize as well. Nothing helps.

Does it mean that Springer's article template restricts font adjustment for tables?

  • Idk, whether Springer's template restricts it, but you should look into Springer's guidelines on font sizes, whether they want you to change font sizes in tables. If it doesn't work easily they usually don't want to. – TeXnician Jul 16 '17 at 17:56
  • I can't believe in it, as there are various situations where data in a table can be quite huge and it does not fit into the page. Obviously I can always paste it as image, but it is an ugly option – Andremoniy Jul 16 '17 at 18:29

Some comments:

  • The default relative font size used by the svjour3 document class for table environments is \small. Hence, typing \small explicitly inside a table environment won't achieve anything.

  • The document class (specifically: the auxiliary file svglov3.clo, which is loaded by svjour3.cls) also features the instruction \let\footnotesize\small. Hence, typing \footnotesize inside a table environment won't change the font size either.

  • To really reduce the size of the tabular material, then, try issuing the commands \scriptsize or (drum roll) \tiny.

  • If you do this, you should also reduce the value of \tabcolsep, which is the length parameter that governs the amount of inter-column whitespace. Its default value is 6pt. Try either \setlength\tabcolsep{4pt} or \setlength\tabcolsep{3pt} and decide if you like the result.

  • @Andremoniy - You're most welcome! – Mico Jul 16 '17 at 18:38

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