Cleveref has a useful feature in \crefformat where an equation can be referred to, for instance, an inequality. This adds an extra square-bracket argument to the \label command. For example:


    S \leq 2.

However, when using chktex for syntax validation there are two spurious syntax warnings. First, it points to the closing square bracket on the \label line saying

Solo `]' found.

and secondly, on the final line of the document it says

Number of `[' doesn’t match the number of ']'.

I do not simply want to turn these warnings off as I believe there is some underlying explanation for these warnings.


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Create a file called something like mychktexrc somewhere, containing

    \label:[]{} \ref:{} \eqref:{} \vref:{} \pageref:{} \index:[]{}
    \cite:[][]{} \nocite:{}
    \input:{} \verbatiminput:[]{} \listinginput:[]{}{}
    \verbatimtabinput:[]{} \include:{} \includeonly:{}
    \cline:{} \cmidrule:[](){}
    # Cleveref -- there are many others that could be here as well...
    \cref:*{} \cpageref:*{} \crefrange:*{}{} \cpagerefrange:*{}{}
    \Cref:*{} \Cpageref:*{} \Crefrange:*{}{} \Cpagerefrange:*{}{}
    # natbib
    \citet:*[][]{} \citep:*[][]{} \citealt:*{} \citealp:*[]{} \citeauthor:*{}
    \Citet:*[][]{} \Citep:*[][]{} \Citealt:*{} \Citealp:*[]{} \Citeauthor:{}
    \citetext:{} \citeyear:*{} \citeyearpar:{}
    # tipa which uses "

which is the same entry as in the default chktexrc file, but with \label marked to accept an optional argument.

Then running

chktex -l mychktexrc filename

you shouldn't get any error message.

The argument for the -l command line option should have the path for the created file.

  • I created a new file ´~/.chktexrc´ with the contents specified. In order to get the vim syntastic plugin to use this rc file I added the following to my .vimrc: let g:syntastic_tex_chktex_args = ("-l \"".$HOME."\\.chktexrc\"") Commented Jul 16, 2017 at 23:06

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