I'm trying to prevent a word that contains an underscore to be hyphenated.

I have tried:

\hyphenation{Word\textunderscore With\textunderscore Underscore}

Improper \hyphenation will be flushed.
\PD1-cmd ...\TextSymbolUnavailable #1}\fi \global 
                                                  \expandafter \let \csname ...
l.50  \hyphenation{Word\textunderscore
                                       With\textunderscore Underscore} 



Improper \hyphenation will be flushed. l.50 \hyphenation{Word_

Package underscore does the opposite, it tries to allow hyphenation before and after the underscore. The macro \BreakableUnderscore can be redefined by modifying the original definition:


% Redefine to an unbreakable underscore
  \null % prevent hyphenation before the underscore
  % \nobreak
  % \hskip\z@skip
  % \usc@dischyph\nobreak\hskip\z@skip



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