I have post a question several weeks ago: Print programs with its proper syntax, and I finally decided to use the package minted.

I summarize a little bit my needs here: the language I define has its special tokens (do, od, if, fi...), and support comments. I would like minted to highlight these key words (coloring is not necessary at this stage). If possible, I hope minted could read a program directly from a file.

@Raphink showed me a blog post for example, which is too hard to understand for me without the output picture; the doc of minted does not contain any details either...

Does anyone have any idea about my specific requests above?

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    The blog you are referencing does have an output picture. If it is a specific language that you need to support (and Pygments does not yet have it in its list of lexers) then this is not so much a LaTeX related problem, as it is a Pygments one. In that case you would have to write your own lexer. Pygments supports like 150 languages though, so what you are working with would have to be pretty obscure for it not to be listed. – Roelof Spijker Dec 13 '11 at 8:42
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