I need to put landscape figure on a separate page of my appendix.

The Code i tried looks like this:

    \chapter{Appendix 1}
    \rotatebox{90}{\includegraphics[width=\textwidth,height=\textheight,keepaspectratio]{Figure 1}}
    \caption{Figure 1} \cite{Test} \label{fig:1}
\myfigures{Fig. 1} 

But Latex will throw the figure on a separate page, leaving the page with the chapter heading empty. Is there a way to automatically scale the figure, so it used all space available without being pushed on the next page?


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you presumably know how much space your chapter heading takes up so just change height=\textheight, to be a suitable smaller value, but you seem to be using the wrong values, you scale the height of the image to \textheight but then rotate it so that length is trying to fit into the width of the page, I assume you want

    \rotatebox{90}{\includegraphics[width=.7\textheight]{Figure 1}}

assuming you want to leave 30% of the text height for your heading, adjust to suit your document style.

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