I have been trying to use Kile in Mac OS Sierra and link it with Mactex. I have gone through several instructions over the internet but still could not do it. Most of the instructions are for older versions of mac and didn't work with this one. I am new to Mac environment as well as Kile so any guidance will be greatly helpful. Here's what I could do so far: I had installed xcode earlier using

xcode-select install

I have installed fink for Sierra using the script in the link: https://github.com/fink/scripts/blob/master/srcinstaller/Install%20Fink.tool

I have installed kile using fink with the command:

fink install kile-kde4-mac

Other than that I also have installed MacTex from


Now whenever I start Kile, it shows a message:

"No editor component found. Please check your KDE installation"

I am not able to figure out what is needed here and also how I can link kile to Mactex.

Thanks for your valuable time


As for the part of your question regarding "No editor component found", try to install:

fink install katepart4-mac

That should solve your error message and get Kile up and running.


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