I try to load a .csv into my .tex using datatool, but it uses only the first given key and I just don't get why.

first lines of my example foobar.csv:


(at the end the last column will be filled with picture.jpg, that will be loaded into a tkizpicture and it works fine if I take only the last column. The same applies for the other columns they will have a special action that works fine if I take only that one column.)



it isn't giving an error, as I don't use the key in this example, but it isn't printing the keys 2 and 3, but only 1. It is printing the three columns perfectly, but not the keys. If I use the key in a more complex example I get the error:

foobar.tex:51: Package data tool Error: Can't assign \Title : there is no key '2' in data base 'foobar'.

thanks for your help!


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the solution is quite easy, just had to add




as the separator seemed to be the problem.

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