I am writing my thesis and I am using the class amsbook.

I am using the abstract environment at the beginning of each chapter to make a short summary of the chapter itself. (I imagine this is not so good, right? But I like it. Do you have any suggestions in the case this is not typographically recommended?)

In any case, I was wondering how to rename the environment, so that instead of "Abstract" it appears something like "Summary of the chapter".

I have been trying using the command

\renewcommand{\abstractname}{Summary of the chapter} 

but it does not work. The output is always "Abstract."

EDIT: Here is an example of working code.

\documentclass[a4paper, 10pt, twoside, reqno]{amsbook}


\chapter{Chapter 1}
   Abstract of the first chapter.



which produces (a part from the title page) enter image description here

  • An example of code would be welcome. I get no output from \chapter{Title}\begin{abstract}text\end{abstract} other than the chapter title.
    – egreg
    Jul 23 '17 at 13:22
  • 1
    In amsbook the abstract is considered part of the \maketitle (like \author). So basically what you want is an unnumbered section (like \section*}. Jul 23 '17 at 13:28
  • @egreg Added miminal working example and picture. Is it possible to change the word "Abstract" into something else? Thanks for the interest.
    – Romeo
    Jul 23 '17 at 14:48

The abstract environment works just by chance.

I suggest to define your own environment, here identical to abstract, but customizable.

\documentclass[a4paper, 10pt, twoside, reqno]{amsbook}

    \parsep\z@ \@plus\p@

\providecommand{\chaptersummaryname}{Summary of the chapter}
\addto\captionsenglish{\renewcommand{\chaptersummaryname}{Summary of the chapter}}
% maybe also \addto\captionsitalian{...}


\chapter{Chapter 1}

Abstract of the first chapter.



enter image description here

  • This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot for your help.
    – Romeo
    Jul 23 '17 at 15:46

You can define your own summary environment, and format it with the quoting package/environment:

\quotingsetup{font=small, leftmargin=2em, rightmargin=0pt, vskip=3ex } \centering{\bfseries Chapter summary}\vspace{-2ex}\quoting}{\endquoting}


\chapter{A Test Chapter}


enter image description here

%Simple just use this!

     This report will go over the functions blocks used in the Delta V Control Studio along with their mneumonics and short descriptions

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