I have a very simple document using ebproof that I'd like to render to both PDF and HTML:

\documentclass[12pt, letterpaper]{report}


    \hypo{ x {:} \sigma \in \Gamma }
    \infer1[var]{ \Gamma \vdash x {:} \sigma}


Right now, the PDF works perfectly, but the HTML from htlatex/tex4ht renders as

x:σ ∈ Γ __________ var Γ ⊢ x:σ

and HTML from pandoc renders as

1[var] x :

instead of

enter image description here

Is there an HTML conversion that can render this properly, or a way to configure one of the other tools to do so?

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You can configure the prooftree environment to produce image with tex4ht. It would be better to produce clean HTML or MathML code, of course, so I will try to look at this issue later.

Try the following configuration file, mycfg.cfg:


The \Picture* ... \EndPicuture command requests conversion of the contained code to image. It is inserted around the prooftree environment using \ConfigureEnv command.

Compile the document using

make4ht -c mycfg.cfg filename.tex

make4ht is build system for tex4ht, is it replacement for htlatex with much more features.

This is the result:

enter image description here

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