I'm very new to latex. I copied the code from a template from this site.







\usepackage{ogonek}  % Dabrowska


\title{Language Science Press}
\institute{FU Berlin}
\author{Firstname Lastname}


\item first
\item sth
\item lala
\item c

\subsection{Level 2}
\subsubsection{Ebene 3}



I paste the code into MikTex - Texworks editor. It downloaded some packages like beamer. later when I tried to compile the code, I found the Error

! LaTeX Error: File `beamerouterthemelsp.sty' not found.

How to get rid of this error!!


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The error message already informed you that beamerouterthemelsp.sty is missing. It is available on overleaf, to download it select the option Download as zip, the missing file will be included in the zip.

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Off-topic: please read utf8x vs. utf8 (inputenc) to decide if you really want to use \usepackage[utf8x]{inputenc}.

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