In the comment and verbatim packages, there is an environment called comment, such that


comments out things.

On macos, neither emacs nor aquamacs seem to default understand that it would be nice from them to use the same face for what's in there as for stuff commented out with %. I don't know what to do, I've tried to understand what I could make of how to highlight certain environments in emacs, with not much success.

Ps: I would much rather C-c % in the text, but I don't want to alter too much the structure of the .tex file and I suspect there should be a rather natural manner to do this ?

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I don't know about Aquamacs, but it should be sufficient if you install the latest version of AUCTeX (11.91), preferably from ELPA, put this line in your .emacs:

(setq TeX-parse-self t)

restart Emacs and open your .tex file. comment.el had a bug in fontification which was fixed upstream.

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