I am using the manuscript option achemso package, as described here (page 3). I would like to use it in the following manner:


There are several possible values for the manuscript option: article, review, note, communication, letter and perspective as well as suppinfo. Only the first two seem to work, the others produce an "invalid manuscript type" warning and revert to the default.

Now, the documentation states that "the valid values will depend on the value of journal" but I have examples of (technical) note publications in JPR, so I assume this option should be available.

How do I produce a JPR technical note publication using the achemso package?

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    The achemso-jprobs.cfg definition in the source contains \def\acs@type@list{article,review,suppinfo}, which could mean that the option is not available - but maybe it means something else :) – Marijn Jul 25 '17 at 17:51

The list of allowed types is based on what I can pick up for different journals: I can adjust but for the present you are likely best using article. (Each journal has its own list.)

  • Thanks! I will use article. I assume ACS/JPR will reformat my stuff anyways since the LaTeX PDF looks nothing like what the publications end up looking like. I'm new to all this stuff :-) – PDiracDelta Jul 26 '17 at 11:27

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