The table of multiple rows and columns

How can I create this excel table in the Latex? All colors are the same for the table inputs.

Edit: After the accepted answer; is it possible to remove the vertical lines for the \byfield package?

\bitbox{12}{\textbf{Made Classification}} & \bitbox{8}{Water} & \bitbox{8}{Air} & \bitbox{16}{Chromium} \\

\bitbox{12}{\textbf{Classification Control}} & \bitbox{4}{NNG} & \bitbox{4}{On/off}& \bitbox{4}{NNG}& \bitbox{4}{On/off}& \bitbox{8}{NNG} & \bitbox{8}{On/off}\\

\bitbox{12}{\textbf{Compressing Interval}} & \bitbox{2}{R} & \bitbox{2}{S}& \bitbox{2}{R}&\bitbox{2}{S}& \bitbox{2}{R} & \bitbox{2}{S}& \bitbox{2}{R} & \bitbox{2} {S}& \bitbox{4}{R} & \bitbox{4}{S}& \bitbox{4}{R} & \bitbox{4}{S}\\

\bitbox{12}{\textbf{Compatibility Fan}} & \bitbox{1}{V} & \bitbox{1}{F}& \bitbox{1}{V}& \bitbox{1}{F}& \bitbox{1}{V} & \bitbox{1}{F}& \bitbox{1}{V}& \bitbox{1}{F}& \bitbox{1}{V} & \bitbox{1}{F}& \bitbox{1}{V}& \bitbox{1}{F}& \bitbox{1}{V} & \bitbox{1}{F}& \bitbox{1}{V}& \bitbox{1}{F}& \bitbox{2}{V} & \bitbox{2}{F}& \bitbox{2}{V}& \bitbox{2}{F}& \bitbox{2}{V} & \bitbox{2}{F}& \bitbox{2}{V}& \bitbox {2}{F}\\

\bitbox{12}{\textbf{Vertical Alignment}}& \bitbox{1}{1} & \bitbox{1}{2}& \bitbox{1}{3}& \bitbox{1}{4}& \bitbox{1}{} & \bitbox{1}{5}& \bitbox{1}{}& \bitbox{1}{}& \bitbox{1}{6} & \bitbox{1}{7}& \bitbox{1}{8}& \bitbox{1}{9}& \bitbox{1}{} & \bitbox{1}{10}& \bitbox{1}{}& \bitbox{1}{}& \bitbox{2}{11} & \bitbox{2}{}& \bitbox{2}{}& \bitbox{2}{}& \bitbox{2}{} & \bitbox{2}{}& \bitbox{2}{}& \bitbox {2}{}\\
  • This can be achieved with any table environment, of which you can find plenty in this forum or for example here. Don't expect that anybody just does the table for you without you doing minimal research. Also, just as a hint, for reasons of good style I would not use any vertical lines in such a table but only horizontal ones, some nice examples of such tables and how to produce them can be found here.
    – Paul
    Jul 26, 2017 at 15:27
  • Welcome to TeX.SX! You can have a look at our starter guide to familiarize yourself further with our format.
    – CarLaTeX
    Jul 26, 2017 at 15:39

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Bytefield is an excellent package for making these. Bytefield table



\bitbox{8}{\textbf{Type}} & \bitbox{8}{A} & \bitbox{8}{B} & \bitbox{8}{C} \\
\bitbox{8}{\textbf{Alignment}} & \bitbox{4}{1} & \bitbox{4}{2}& \bitbox{4}{1} 
& \bitbox{4}{2}& \bitbox{4}{1} & \bitbox{4}{2}\\
\bitbox{8}{\textbf{Visual}} & \bitbox{2}{PO} & \bitbox{2}{RO}& \bitbox{2}{PO} 
& \bitbox{2}{RO}& \bitbox{2}{PO} & \bitbox{2}{RO}& \bitbox{2}{PO} & \bitbox{2}
{RO}& \bitbox{2}{PO} & \bitbox{2}{RO}& \bitbox{2}{PO} & \bitbox{2}{RO}\\
\bitbox{8}{\textbf{Capacity}} & \bitbox{1}{Q} & \bitbox{1}{W}& \bitbox{1}{E}& 
\bitbox{1}{R}& \bitbox{1}{Q} & \bitbox{1}{W}& \bitbox{1}{E}& \bitbox{1}{R}& \b
itbox{1}{Q} & \bitbox{1}{W}& \bitbox{1}{E}& \bitbox{1}{R}& \bitbox{1}{Q} & \bi
tbox{1}{W}& \bitbox{1}{E}& \bitbox{1}{R}& \bitbox{1}{Q} & \bitbox{1}{W}& \bitb
ox{1}{E}& \bitbox{1}{R}& \bitbox{1}{Q} & \bitbox{1}{W}& \bitbox{1}{E}& \bitbox

  • Is it possible to remove the vertical lines as well?
    – matlabcrz
    Jul 27, 2017 at 6:28

Here is a short code for a wide table. As its content is repetitive, I used the \xintFor loop (from the xinttools package).

\documentclass[a4paper,french, 12pt]{article}
\usepackage{babel}% Gère l'indentation de la première ligne
\tcbset{before upper={\parindent=1.5em}}

\subsubsection*{Simple \LaTeX}
Voici un texte.

Avec un paragraphe.
\subsubsection*{Dans une tcolorbox}
  Voici un texte.

  Avec un paragraphe.

\subsubsection*{Dans une minipage}
  Voici un texte.

  Avec un paragraphe.


enter image description here

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