I'm having a bad time compiling a paper with acm style.

The command I use to compile is:

latexmk -bibtex -xelatex -pvc -pdf -view=none index.tex

I use the acmart \documentclass like this:


Bibliography style set to:


And I'm adding the citation with the commands:

\cite \citep \citeauthors \citeyear (depending on what I need obviously)

The compiler is telling that the bibliography is not compatible with author-year citations. With


it does work. However, citations are no longer numeric but in the form [author et al. YEAR].

Lastly: setting natbib=false in the documentstyle and importing


does work (running latexmk twice), but with the error "Command \citename already defined"

How am I supposed to get a paper like the one from the following link? https://www.overleaf.com/latex/templates/acm-conference-proceedings-new-master-template/pnrfvrrdbfwt

Thanks, Nicolò


First, if you use ACM, you probably want to say


acm-plain is an old style, not compatible with the new ACM

Second, if you want to have auhor-year scheme, just put in the preamble


note acm here: this sets author-year format according to ACM rules

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    Using \bibliograpystyle{ACM-Reference-Format} alone I got citations in the format [author year], and not numeric. Using: \setcitestyle{numbers} it works, thanks – Nico202 Jul 28 '17 at 7:41

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