Where can I find a description of hyperref options, deeper than the one of the manual? I do not understand the meaning of several options. For instance, what is "redefines LaTeX internals" (option implicit), or "use guessable names for links" (option hypertexnames)?


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In my opinion, such a detailed and user-friendly reference is lacking, for sure.

If you are interested in descriptions that are "deeper than the one of the manual" - and by "manual" I assume you are referring to the user-friendly hyperref documentation - then your next available option would be the detailed (and perhaps cryptic) hyperref manual. My choice of names here is completely opposite to that of the filenames on CTAN...

The hyperref manual is literally a PDF version of the .dtx sources and is therefore filled with code (almost 17,000 lines of it, or just under 400 pages) and sparse comments.

For example, section 28 Automated LaTeX hypertext cross-reference (p 152) contains a more detailed discussion on the option hypertexnames. However, this is probably one of the few detailed discussion on options. The only alternative in my opinion is to keep the hyperref package options summary close by and search the manual for the relevant code that describes it.

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