How can I add a vertical ruler between columns for tikzposter document?


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I don't know if there are any good ways of doing this, but since a tikzposter is basically just a big tikzpicture environment, one can use normal TikZ drawing commands. In that context it's nice to know that tikzposter defines coordinates bottomleft and topright at the corresponding points on the page, and that the vertical position of the bottom of the title is saved in \titleposbottom.

(You probably want to modify how those rules look, but that I'll leave to you.)

output of code

\author{Zum Dood}
\title{Line it up}
\block{A}{Foo bar}

\block{A}{Foo bar}

\block{A}{Foo bar}


% draw two red lines
\path (bottomleft) 
      +(0.34\linewidth,1cm) coordinate (c1)
      +(0.66\linewidth,1cm) coordinate (c2); 
\draw [line width=5mm,red] (c1) -- (c1 |- 0,\titleposbottom-1cm);
\draw [line width=5mm,red] (c2) -- (c2 |- 0,\titleposbottom-1cm);


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