I am trying to get a listing into my LaTeX document.

A simple listing would be the following XML:

<!-- Lüscher-Weiß with β -->

Then I try to get this into my document.




\RequirePackage[charter, greekuppercase=italicized]{mathdesign}






What I get is somewhat close, but not good:

enter image description here

There are two issues:

  • The two hyphens are combined into an en-dash, which is not what I want.
  • The literal UTF-8 “beta” is removed. At least the “ü” and the “ß” are there with luainputenc.

With listings instead of minted I get similar results:

enter image description here

listingsutf8 package does the same.

Why is this literal “beta” missing? I thought that LuaLaTeX and everything with UTF-8 would finally free me from encoding problem? 😫


I think that beramono does not include Greek character support. Try a different font.

\setmonofont{DejaVu Sans Mono}[Scale=MatchLowercase]
With listings:
<!-- Lüscher-Weiß with β -->
With minted:
<!-- Lüscher-Weiß with β -->

enter image description here

  • Indeed, it is an issue with the font! – Martin Ueding Jul 30 '17 at 13:25

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