Using LuaLatex, I need two very specific symbols from two very specific fonts, namely from the ZapfDingbats and the WingDings font.

I understand how I could use the fontspec package to set those fonts as standard fonts for my document. But for obvious reasons, I don't want that.

How do I pick a specific symbol from a specific font (with LuaLatex)?

While still using PDFLatex, I used the pifont package to get the Dingbats character:


Doesn't work for WingDings, though, which is why I switched to LuaLatex. However, not only did I understand that using such "font packages" is deprecated with LuaLatex, but I also don't have a clue how I'd go about picking a specific symbol from the WingDings font...

  • Use the \fontspec command to switch temporarly to your font. Dec 15, 2011 at 16:22
  • As Ulrike said, you can use the \fontspec command. If you are using always the same symbol, you can build a special command to insert this symbol, based on the same \fontspec command.
    – Martigan
    Dec 15, 2011 at 16:38

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\wingdings{40} 123-4567-8900


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