I'm creating a cv with moderncv at the moment. I want to insert a photo next to my personal data, but it keeps pushing the text down.(The text is inserted with \cvline and \section if that helps)

How can I achieve this?

The photo is supposed to go into the empty box in this pic:

enter image description here


Please post a MWE nexttime.

I have a workaround for you.

  \cvitemwithcomment{Name}{John Doe}{}
  \cvitemwithcomment{Adress}{Street Number}{}
  \cvitemwithcomment{Adress}{Street Number}{}
  \cvitemwithcomment{Adress}{Street Number}{}
  \cvitemwithcomment{Adress}{Street Number}{}
  \cvitemwithcomment{Adress}{Street Number}{}
  \cvitemwithcomment{Adress}{Street Number}{}
\end{minipage}  \hfill
\end{minipage} \\
\cvitemwithcomment{Adress}{Street Number}{Information}


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