I am working on my thesis at the moment and I have the following problem:

I want to customize the bibliography so that the surname is shown first (and the first name is shortened), ISBN and DOI should be left out.

I read the following article: Biblatex: Get rid of ISSN, URLs and DOIs in references. So according to this I applied the suggested customizations, but it seems that none of them work for my document.

Here is my code:





 \blindtext \cite{Black.1973}



And here is my bib-file:

% This file was created with Citavi

 author = {Black, Fischer and Scholes, Myron},
 year = {1973},
 title = {The Pricing of Options and Corporate Liabilities},
 pages = {637--654},
 pagination = {page},
 volume = {81},
 number = {3},
 issn = {0022-3808},
 journal = {Journal of Political Economy},
 doi = {10.1086/260062}

And here are screenshots of the result I'm getting:

Text bibliography

Here is the code from my .blg file:

[0] Config.pm:354> INFO - This is Biber 2.7
[0] Config.pm:357> INFO - Logfile is 'test.blg'
[43] biber-MSWIN32:303> INFO - === 
[79] Biber.pm:359> INFO - Reading 'test.bcf'
[184] Biber.pm:835> INFO - Found 1 citekeys in bib section 0
[200] Biber.pm:3670> INFO - Processing section 0
[222] Biber.pm:3840> INFO - Looking for bibtex format file 'bib/literatur.bib' for section 0
[230] bibtex.pm:1435> INFO - Decoding LaTeX character macros into UTF-8
[239] bibtex.pm:1292> INFO - Found BibTeX data source 'bib/literatur.bib'
[247] Utils.pm:164> WARN - BibTeX subsystem: C:\Users\FSCHAR~1\AppData\Local\Temp\tksrf7X3UK\literatur.bib_10088.utf8, line 3, warning: 45 characters of junk seen at toplevel
[258] UCollate.pm:68> INFO - Overriding locale 'de-DE' defaults 'normalization = NFD' with 'normalization = prenormalized'
[258] UCollate.pm:68> INFO - Overriding locale 'de-DE' defaults 'variable = shifted' with 'variable = non-ignorable'
[258] Biber.pm:3499> INFO - Sorting list 'anyt/global/' of type 'entry' with scheme 'anyt' and locale 'de-DE'
[259] Biber.pm:3505> INFO - No sort tailoring available for locale 'de-DE'
[261] bbl.pm:608> INFO - Writing 'test.bbl' with encoding 'ascii'
[261] bbl.pm:712> INFO - Output to test.bbl
[262] Biber.pm:109> INFO - WARNINGS: 1

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The alphabetic style does not know the option dashed, so calling that option will cause an error. So we will have to drop that option.

uniquename=false, does not make sense with the style you use here.

With giveninits=true you can get initials of first names.

So you will want to use biblatex with

\usepackage[backend=biber, style=alphabetic, doi=false, isbn=false, giveninits=true]{biblatex}    

Finally you want


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