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In order to produce the following output involving a chemical formula

enter image description here

I can attempt to write the chemical formula as a mathematical formula:

    As the scintillator $\text{PbWO}_{\text{4}}$ crystals are used.

However, this method is a brute force when approaching a chemical formula. How would a versed Latex expert solve this task?

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    See the package mhchem for example, especially its \ce macro – user31729 Aug 3 '17 at 12:21

This might help you.

It boils down to using the package




which then allows you to use, e.g.,

\ce{3H2O} \\
\ce{1/2H2O} \\
\ce{AgCl2-} \\


\ch{3 H2O} \\
\ch{1/2 H2O} \\
\ch{AgCl2-} \\


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